Almond butter, how I love thee!

I can remember the parts of my life (most of it) when I didn’t know you existed.  And then I can also recall the time (about a year) when I knew of you but found you too expensive to try.  My nut butter of choice then was peanut butter (extra crunchy)and I thought my love for it would never end.  But then I ventured out on a limb and tried you… and liked you… and now… now I make you myself in my own kitchen and I cannot stand the taste of my peanut butter (extra crunchy).

Ok seriously, I have developed a profound love for almond butter and I honestly can’t stand the taste of my previous love, peanut butter.  My jar of extra crunchy Jiff sits in the cupboard waiting for me to develop a taste for it again and I’m thinking it’s not going to happen.  Compared to my almond butter it seems too fakey sweet so perhaps I should just try making my own peanut butter, yes?  Maybe this will solve my sudden departure from my love of all things peanut butter (I really had no idea I had fickle tendencies).

Those of you who haven’t tried this stuff, you should try it.  I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying it.  Not even my dad, who hates peanut butter.  I’m thinking he’d love it.

I leave you with my breakfast for the day….  (See I didn’t mention the 5k once, see how NON-nervous I am?  Right?  Right??)

Yes, I split open pitas… and toast them… and put almond butter on them.  This may be a strange practice but I got tired of bread… there’s always too much of it.  Also.. cinnamon + almond butter = bliss.

I stumbled upon the combination of mango and blueberries last summer and fell in love.  They taste fantastic together.  YUM.