This is me trying to look bored, calm and mildly amused.

It’s working, right?

Today I went for a run in my subdivision.  I used to do this 2 mile loop and so I figured I could come up with another mile in my head fairly easily… and I did!  I finished the 3miles without stopping once and I even finished by going up the huge (by my standards, anyway) hill on which  my house sits!  I ran slower than I have been but I couldn’t tell you for sure how fast/slow I ran.  I can’t even tell you how long it took me.  What I can tell you is I really enjoyed it – which I’m pretty sure is what counts.  Also, I could have kept going.  I’m not sure how much farther I’d have gone (you know, after huffing and puffing up that hill and all) but I could have kept running.  That, my friends is an awesome feeling.

Now to the jitters.

It’s silly, really.  I mean, it’s only TUESDAY and the 5k isn’t until Saturday.  How on Earth am I jittery already?  As is my personality, I’m beginning to plan, plan plan.  I want to know exactly what time I’ll be leaving the house, I’ll likely look up how far the walk is from parking to where I’ll need to be to start the race and then estimate the time I’ll spend walking.  I’m nervous that my sister will be late since she’s got an hour drive to get to my house and then it’s 50 minutes to where the race is and so she’ll be getting up pretty early for a Saturday.  And yeah, I’m nervous about this whole running with a big group of people thing too.  And did I mention a mile of the 5k is run through the woods on wood chips?  Before that sounded kind of cool (and shady, maybe a reprieve from the sunlight and whatnot) but now I’m thinking “I’m going to twist my knee or my ankle.”

Yes my friends, I have started to FREAK OUT a bit.  Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.  I’m excited too…. but scared and nervous and all of those good things that come with doing something new, something you never thought you’d be doing.

Deeeeep breaths.

In other news, once this 5k is out of the way, I’ll be free to continue running 3 miles and taking up my cycling again.  You know, to get in shape for the Duathlon Sept 18… which my little sister has expressed interest in signing up for (and also the sister who is doing the 5k with me so I may have 2 people with me for this next event!).  So yeah, consider me pumped for September!

Now, just let me NOT think too much about Saturday!