Hi there!  It’s me, Shrinking Girl, writing to tell you about your certified genius.  I must admit to being a bit reluctant to take your advice.  I mean, we all know I’m obsessed with this speed thing and dropping my speed seemed like failing at first.  Then the rational side of my brain took over (I do have one) and I realized that, if I do this the right way, I can eventually be one of those “real” runners I have envisioned in my head…. but if I continue to do it “my” way, I’m likely going to call it quits for running.

Anyway, I took your advice.  I lowered my speed.  I ran 3 miles.  It was fun.  I liked it.

(Go back and read that again.  I said I liked it.)

Now, I’ll admit to it being a push towards the end… but, I motivated myself to do it.  And I could motivate myself.  It makes me think perhaps I actually NEEDED those walk breaks before.

Oh, and before I forget.  My sister sent me a long email the other day saying she’d read your comment and that it made a lot of sense to her and so she dropped her speed also and guess who else ran 3 miles?

Genius.  You’re a genius.

Anyhoo, thank you so very much.  My sanity is intact.  The check is in the mail.

Much love,