I haven’t.  Really.  I haven’t.  I’ve needed a bit of a computer break to be honest.  Sometimes you can get too much of a good thing and with Google Reader, I’ve subscribed to so many healthy living blogs that sometimes (and don’t take this the wrong way) it feels like a job to read them all the time.

So, sometime on Thursday I sort of took a vacation.  I came back to post on Friday but I pretty much knew I’d be AFK all weekend.  And, can I just say I had a great time being unplugged?

I took a run down the road yesterday.  Normally I don’t like running on the road (that self-conscious thing) but I decided it’s best for me right now to run without any idea of how far I’m running and no idea of how long I’m running.  And the result?  I ran for 17 minutes and some change without stopping.  Why did I stop?  Because (stupidly) I told myself at the beginning that I could take a break when I got to the stop sign.  It’s amazing how strongly my brain clings to the promise of a walking break.  I’ll  have to set the bar a bit higher next time.

I really enjoyed the run.  I had no idea how long I’d been running or how far I’d gone.  The running man was also out (I’ve told you about the running man, yes?  He’s ALWAYS out running.  Everywhere I go he’s there running.  Either that or he and his twin both live in town and they’re fooling me.)  Anyway the running man was out and thankfully running towards me and not behind me (you know so he could pass me like I’m standing still.)

Saturday was my resting day for the week.  No official exercise.  I did some yard work though.  It was nice.

What else did I do while I was away?  I read some books.  I cleaned my house.  I went for walks.  I called my friends.  And when I got back to my computer this morning I went to Google Reader, clicked “mark all as read” and smiled.  If I usually read your blog, no worries, I’ll catch up in my own time.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.