Howdy all!  Today I went to the park to run/walk 3 miles.  I used the actual one mile track today and so my times are real.  I have to admit to being pleased with my first lap at 11:28.  It’s not a 10 minute mile but it’s a far cry from the 15 minute miles I started running with.  Lap two started out with some walking and took me 13:18.  Lap three also started out with walking and I walked a bit about halfway through and wound up at 14:48.

So I’m not certain what I’m going to do.  At this point I think I might just head to the park to run to finish getting ready for my 5k and then go back to the C25K program to work on speed after July 3.  My goal time for the 5k is 36 minutes and I’m really hoping I make it.

I may challenge myself to run 20 minutes without stopping just to get my mind out of the interval mentality.  I think I could have kept running but taking a break after each mile seemed like a nice thing to do.  I know the program would break me of this but unfortunately I’m feeling as though I’m in crunch time here and so I’m going to do what makes me feel the most comfortable.