Ah salad.  For so long salad has meant to me a bed of lettuce (way back in the day it was that nasty iceberg lettuce stuff which made me think I hated lettuce), lots of cheese, lots of croutons, bacon bits, sesame seeds, maybe some tomato and cucumber and a lot of dressing.  These are the salads of my youth and 20’s.  Now, I’ve since come to discover other types of lettuce, figured out spinach isn’t the evil most people seem to think it is, and even begun to experiment with “other greens” but I am not a creative salad maker.

I have this friend, Lisa, who can whip up a dream salad.  She’ll be sitting there watching TV or reading a magazine, get the urge for a salad and then come up with a million wonderful and healthy things to throw together which somehow all compliment each other in the most amazing way.  Then, as if that isn’t enough, her husband will whip up the perfect dressing to go with it.  He’ll just start throwing some stuff together and pretty soon he’s throwing it in the salad and I’m wondering why I don’t have this apparent salad-making gene.

Then again, I seem to be missing the creative food gene entirely.  I don’t just throw things together, I follow recipes.  I search high and low for recipes and I use them.  I keep them, I bookmark them and I use them.  I might modify them slightly (usually to remove any and all traces of onion – sick), but I don’t create recipes.  I don’t start cooking and think of wonderful things to throw into the mix.

And you know something?  That’s ok.  I do enough searching for recipes and I’m able to just know (most of the time anyway) when I’m going to enjoy a recipe.  My main problem here is I seem to be against searching for salad recipes.  What on earth is my problem?  Seriously?

Anyway, let me get to the point.  Yesterday I was craving salad in a big, bad way.  I mean, fantasizing about a good salad.  I wanted greens alllll dayyyy longgggg.  So what did I do?  No, I did not head to the store to buy greens and make a salad.  I went out for a salad.  I paid a ridiculous amount of money for someone else to come up with a salad for me.  And?  I enjoyed every bite. But really, this salad blind spot needs to go away.

Step one?  I’m going to add a cookbook to my now-small collection.  I’m going to add a book dedicated to salads.  Your job?  Help me pick one out.

You can read about this one here but the thing I like about this one is each recipe apparently comes with nutrition information.  Way cool.

You can read about this one here but what I like about this one is it boasts creativity.  I like creativity.  I want to not be bored.

You can read about this one here.  Now, while some of you might not like this because it uses prepackaged greens, I will say this is one of the things I like about it.  It saves me from trying to find greens my grocery store just doesn’t carry and also I’m thinking during the work part of the year prepackaged greens will cut down on some prep time.  That being said, I KNOW I KNOW… ok?

My goal is to have something I’ll use and use a lot.  Once I purchase a book I totally plan on possibly declaring a week or two “Salad Week” where I’ll have nothing but salads for dinner.  It’ll get me using some of the new recipes and get me thinking outside the box.  (It would be just one week but as I’m pretty sure I’ll be eating each salad more than one night – again, cooking for one here – I’ll stretch it out to two weeks.)  Why not a month?  A month of salads sort of scares me…. but yeah, I might do a month if I’m feeling super brave.

Now please… comment me and tell me which of these wonderful books you’d pick and why!