Well, Week 4 is complete.  Hold on a second while I refresh my memory of Week 5…. Looks like a 5-8-5 to start and the week ends with the 20 minute run.

I’d say I’m freaking out but I’m not.  Now that I’ve taken the pressure off myself (MUST RUN 6 MPH) I feel much better.  I completed today’s run with a lot more stamina than the last two (stupid hormones) but still wound up doing intervals within the intervals.  I started out at 6mph until I grew tired, dropped down to 5 to recover and then bumped it up to 5.5 after I had caught my breath.  It is perhaps not the best method but this way I know I’m pushing myself.  A small voice in my head says “why don’t you just do the intervals at 5.5” and you know something… I just might.  It’s that stupid pride of “well at least I ran a bit of it at 6 mph” that’s keeping me from it.  Ugh.

So on Friday I’ll be heading to the park to do the 3 miles there and time myself.  I’ll be using the actual one mile path this time so no false miraculous successes!  I am starting to panic a bit.  The 5k is like 2.5 weeks away and I feel like I’ve just been screwing around and not preparing for it.  (Hahaha, am I ridiculous inside my head or what?)  After Friday’s run I just may abandon ship on the C25K and just do all my runs outside until the 5K.  Who knows.

Week 4 is in the dust.  I’m working on being SO OVER running at 6mph (for NOW… I’ll get there eventually…but for NOW I’m gonna be so over it).  I mean heck, my max used to be 4.5 for any length of time.  There is improvement here.  I’m having to work at it, and I am working at it.  So, I should be happy about the improvement and not beating myself up.

Right?  Right.