Today’s blast from the past is brought to you by the letters V, B, and H…. as in Very Bad Habits.  This one is an odd one for me.  I mean, I do still get the urge to treat myself now and then and it is completely stress related.  I want to switch off the brain, pull out some fried food and make my body release whatever it releases when people like me eat high fat comfort foods.  Has it gotten easier?  Absolutely.  Do I mess up?  Absolutely…. but not nearly as much as I used to and I have to admit… my idea of “bad” food has changed a lot in the past year along with the quantity of food I’d eat when over eating.

Right now the funniest bit about this (funny-strange, not funny-haha) is it’s increasingly difficult to find “treats” when I’m out and about.  Heck, it’s increasingly difficult to find meals when I’m out and about.  Right now I can honestly say I cannot think of a single fast food restaurant other than Taco Bell and Subway that gives me an urge to order food.  And, when I think about what I’d order at Taco Bell, the urge goes away and in all honesty, after having worked at Subway in high school I’ve never been one of those “OMG I LOVE SUBWAY” people.  Nothing particularly wrong with Subway, it just lost its novelty for me a long time ago.  So yeah, being out and about and WANTING to grab something to eat and not being able to think of a single fast food place I’d really like to spend my money at…. strange.  It’s a relatively new thing and it’s got a lot to do with my new adverse reaction to greasy foods.  I’m not complaining, I think it’s great…. but it’s still so new that I sort of twist the idea around in  my head and marvel at it.

I will admit to having one remaining weakness:  ice cream.  However, even that, as high in calories as it is… I hate to stop at Dairy Queen when I have my Skinny Cow at home which will never make me feel guilty.

So here you have it… original post can be found here.

Oooh Baby You Treat Me Sooo Good

Sometimes I just want to be pampered.

Foodwise, I mean.

I’ve been “treating” myself for stupid things most of my life.  Oh, I’m going grocery shopping? Guess I’ll just have to stop for ice cream afterwards!  Oh, I worked an extra hour?  Guess we’ll just have to have KFC for dinner tonight!  Oh, I’ve had a bad day?  Guess I’ll have to buy some potato chips to snack on.

I’m sure you get the idea.

So one of the things which gets to me counting my calories is that I”m really trying hard not to “treat” myself…. but see… I’ve got YEARS of treating engrained into my brain.  And since I”m doing so well… I WANT A TREAT!

And you know something?  It’s an amazing thing that happens when you’re suddenly paying attention to what you eat.  I’ve formed a bit of a love affair with McDonald’s vanilla lattes.  It’s a guilty pleasure but i looked one up and found out how many calories and they’ve been on the NO list since I started.  But, I was searching through the McDonald’s website looking at nutrition information and I found out that I could get the latte not only non-fat, but also sugar free.  90 calories.  Dude, that’s do-able.

So today, after my workout, I treated myself to a non-fat, sugar-free, vanilla latte.  Why?  Because I have done all 4 workouts this week, I’ve gotten myself back to my pre-surgery level of working out and I’ve managed to stay on plan.  I deserve a treat.

Oh… and also because I go grocery shopping on Fridays. (Hey, bad habits are hard to break but at least it’s only 90 calories.)