Welll, I did it.  I made my own almond butter.

First, let me say it’s a good thing I read up on the subject.  This way I knew the key to making almond butter is not adding oil, it’s adding patience.  I wish I’d have documented with pictures sooner but I didn’t.

I have a mini food processor so I started out with 1.5 cups of raw almonds.  I put them in my toaster oven for about 7 minutes to lightly toast them.  I did not wait for them to cool, they went straight from the toaster oven to the food processor.  I pushed the button, I held the button…. and I waited.

They immediately become very powdery and then they stay that way for a long time.  I took two breaks to let the food processor rest and I’d read somewhere that letting the nuts sit for a bit lets their natural oils start flowing.

And then it happened.  I could tell when it happened and it happened rather suddenly…. suddenly the tiny almond pieces turned into a thick paste.  I stopped to dip my finger in and found it to be a bit gritty still.  I took advantage of the stopping to add a bit of sugar and a bit of vanilla and just a dash of cinnamon.  Then again to the pressing of the button!

And when the second major change occurred, I knew it.  And when I opened the food processor I knew I had accomplished the mission.  Now, mine is likely runny due to the warmth but the texture is the exact same as the texture of the almond butter I had in the fridge.  In fact, I got that last tablespoon of almond butter and blended it in to my new stuff so I could store it in the jar.

No oil added.  I swear.

Blurry but I was trying to show it sliding off the spoon.

Into the jar it goes.

1.5 cups of almonds gave me about half a jar of almond butter.

And it tastes goooood!