This was meant to be the day I started Week 4 of C25K.

Instead, in my infinite wisdom I decided to go to the park and do some distance work.  It’s all well and good that I’m working so hard on my speed but when July 3 gets here, I’d darned well better be able to run 5k.  Seriously.

Anyway, so I know there is a one mile stretch of path in the local park.  The thing is there is also a half mile stretch of path and various other blacktopped walkways.  Someone once told me the path around the pond was a mile and yeah, I totally believe it because it’s a HUGE stretch of land.  So I decide I’m going to the park and I’m going to do 3 laps around  before I go home.  I don’t care what combination of running/walking I do, but it had better be more running than walking.  I even took my phone with me so I could get my pace.

So I’m heading around the first lap and yeah, my legs are just always tired anymore but I push through.  I push myself harder than I used to and I have no real notion of how fast I’m going other than it’s slower than what I’m currently doing on the treadmill because I haven’t collapsed in a heap.  And yet, when I finish the first lap my time reads 9:39.

Hold up.  I allow myself to briefly entertain the notion that I just did a sub 10 minute mile.  It feels good… but I also know it’s not true.  I walk about a quarter mile or less and then run to complete the second lap in around 12 minutes.  On the third mile I walk even more and manage to complete the lap in 12:30 or something crazy.

Now I KNOW this path isn’t a mile around.

As I cool off on my way to the car I see a map of the park.  Bonus!  So I go to look and see what it has listed for the paths.  I wish I’d taken a photograph.  It was the most ridiculous thing ever.  The map was plain as day, the key was made up by someone who clearly wasn’t thinking.

<– = ½ mile

<– = 1 mile

Literally, that’s what the key was.  I stood there for a good 3 minutes trying to tell the difference between the 2 yellow arrows.  They were the same length.  Was one a little fuzzier?  Was the fuzzier arrow pointing to the one mile path?  Really?  Fuzziness?  No, that can’t be it.  In the end I used common sense and figured out the path.  Near as I can calculate (you know, using my awesome fuzzy arrow skills…or is the arrow THINNER?) my laps were 3/4 mile.

I could be wrong…. it’s really hard to tell.  I’m going to have to do this entire thing over again or it’s going to bother me forever.  Ugh.

Yes, I will get a photo of the arrows for you if I can.