In case anyone out there happened to be curious, yes I am still on a new food obsession.  I just haven’t written about anything food related lately because, well… I don’t always take pictures and stuff.

To continue my quest for new recipes this week I selected a recipe from One-Dish Vegetarian Meals by Robin Robertson.  I happen to have two of her cookbooks and I’m likely going to buy Vegan on the Cheap sometime also… or at least request it for my birthday which is coming up in July.  Anyway, Monday night’s dish was Linguine with Root Vegetable Sauté.  Why this recipe?  It called for parsnips which, after this recipe and this recipe, well I’ve decided I LOVE parsnips.  In fact, I’ve decided to try some parsnip fries minus the nut butters… they’re just that good.

Anyway, I’ll be the first to admit I am sometimes a mess in the kitchen and this particular recipe was sort of the equivalent of me playing Twister.  I could do it, but it required doing things I’ve not done before… such as using a vegetable steamer (I know, I know) and cutting up a rutabaga, oh and toasting some pecans.  First things first, I looked at the recipe and thought “gosh I don’t have a vegetable steamer.”  Then I realized, in the basement I have a pasta pot given to me for Christmas maybe two years ago.  This pasta pot is totally cool and came with a vegetable steamer insert.  Why is it in the basement?  I have a ridiculously small amount of cupboard space in my kitchen and it’s just too large to store upstairs, as such it doesn’t get used nearly as often as it should.

See?  You just lift it right out.  It’s super cool.

And the steamer… I have to confess… I had to google how to use one.  I mean, I knew the basic concept but… yeah I had to google.

The food itself ended up looking AND tasting great.  Now granted, she told me to cut up the veggies in a much more photogenic fashion but I didn’t bother.

Here it is in the bowl before I served it to myself.

And here it is before I garnished it with the parsley and toasted pecans.  Parsnips, parsnips oh how I love thee!

After preparing this dish, I’d made a disaster out of my kitchen made worse by the current state of my dishwasher (I’d invest in a water softener if I didn’t protest the use of salt).  However, I’d totally make this again.

On to other things…. I made another online order for things too expensive in these here parts (or things I can’t find in these here parts).  As the shipping seems to remain the same no matter what I order, it’s a large incentive to order lots… and there is lots I want to try.

Ok, pictured here:  Red lentils.  When I went to make the Coconut Red Lentil Soup I became really disappointed when I couldn’t find yellow split peas OR red lentils.  I later found yellow split peas in the ethnic aisle but red lentils I ordered from here as they are certainly nowhere to be found.  The middle bag there is quinoa.  I’ve been wanting to try it for ages but it’s stupidly expensive around here.  This I purchased for roughly half of what I’d have paid around here.   The third is nutritional yeast.  I have to admit it sort of grossed me out when I first read about it, but now I’m sort of intrigued after seeing what people use it for.  Again, this is very cheap compared with what I’d have paid for it around here… something like 1/3 of the price.  Yes, really.

On the left is unsweetened coconut chips.  Again, something I’ve been seeing people use and the price was right.  Then there are dates which I’ve also seen people use and wanted to try.  And raw almonds because I plan on making my own almond butter sometime very soon.  Yippee!!

And last but not least, I reordered chia seeds.  I really do love their crunch and their crazy gelling abilities… they’ve been fun.  The stuff on the left there is xanthan gum which I bought specifically to make protein ice cream – thank you Heather, I hope I love it.

The last item I bought because I’ve been on this insane chocolate kick lately.  I grew up not really caring much for chocolate but lately I’ve really begun to enjoy it.  I’ve become a bit of a collector to be honest.  There is this huge stockpile in my freezer and it’s of different flavors, most of it dark chocolate with some sort of infusion.  And so, I give you….

Yes, it’s open.  Yes, it’s open because I had to try it at 9 am.  Yes, it’s open because I tried it, loved it and had to eat another square after the first one.  Seriously, I love spicy chocolate…. and the cherries along with?  OMG so good!  Other flavors I’ve got are dark chocolate and mint, dark chocolate and toffee, dark chocolate and chili, dark chocolate and sea salt, milk chocolate and toffee (Green & Black’s) and milk chocolate peanut (also Green & Black’s).

Well there you have it folks, my bounty of food.

Now, does anyone have a killer recipe for quinoa?