Well today marks the end of Week 3.  It hasn’t been easy.  In fact, I’d say it’s been pretty brutal.  Between second guessing myself and making it out to be worse than it really is in my head… I’ve done a number on my confidence.  I KNOW I found it hard the first time too.  The thing I kept telling myself was “You don’t HAVE to stop, you just WANT to stop.”  That is much better than this week’s “OMG I am going to die before this is over.”

One of the primary reasons I’ve been doing my blast from the past posts is that I’ve been searching through my old posts for thoughts I had when doing C25K for the first time.  I’m trying to reassure myself, show myself I was scared the first time too.  Silly, right?

I do remember when the 90 second intervals were tough at my current pace and now they’re my refreshing “I know I can do this so I don’t have to worry about it.”  Will next week’s 5 minute intervals make me feel the same way about 3 minutes?  If this time is anything like last time then yes.

On the flip side… the increase in intensity I’ve gotten from bumping up to 6 mph is insane.  I’m definitely feeling it and definitely feeling as though I’m accomplishing something.  It’s amazing really.  It also makes me realize that I am often lazy when I exercise.  Yep, you heard me.  I’m admitting it.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s easy enough to “find yourself being lazy” and not realizing you were doing it.  As we grow accustomed to a certain way of doing things or a certain level of intensity, it’s easy to forget to change it… it’s easy to resist changing it up and getting back into that discomfort zone.

Here’s how I’m going to start thinking about it:  I started out as an obese girl and I exercised like an obese girl.  As I improved I became a fat girl and I stepped up my workouts to exercise like a fat girl.  Now that I’ve transitioned to being an overweight girl…well… I need to step it up.  If I ever find myself in that crazy range of weight called “healthy weight” well then I assume I’ll be stepping something up then also.  There is PLENTY of space in my work outs for improvement.


  • Week 3 of C25K complete – Check
  • Scared out of wits about next step – Check
  • Working on building determination – Check
  • Own ass kicked for being lazy – Check

Did I miss anything?