I keep making these promises to listen to my body  more often but my brain often gets in the way.  It’s amazing how much I can screw up once I start thinking about it.

So this morning I wake up as usual and prepare to go work out, as usual.  I head down to the basement to retrieve the laundry (seriously I need to invest in more work out clothes, this is ridiculous) and on the way back up the stairs I notice my legs are tired…. like, really tired.  My legs are most certainly fatigued by the time I reach the top of the stairs, a feeling I haven’t felt in ages but one I recognize immediately from back in the day when I trained to bike 100 miles through Death Valley for a JDRF ride.

I instantly start hemming and hawing about in my head wondering if I should work out or not.  I mean, working out today means no rest day this week since I’ll be running tomorrow as per the schedule.  I initially thought it no big deal but then my legs got fatigued going up the stairs this morning.  Working out at Curves is a goal (to reach 200 by Sept 1) but it’s not my main focus right now by any means.  My main focus is to kick this 5k on July 3 in the butt and show it who is boss (translation:  my focus is currently on running).

I got dressed to go work out.

I decided not to go.

I sat down and drank some water and decided to go.

I rethought it and decided not to go.

I confirmed the decision not to go.

I immediately felt guilty for skipping a work out.


It’s never easy, is it?