The past couple of months I’ve been slowly reducing the amount of animal products I consume.  It mainly started as a product of me enjoying food… lots of food.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy meat.  However, once I started calorie counting it just seemed ridiculously expensive calorie-wise for what you get food wise.  (See?  I like to eat mass quantities of food whenever possible.)  Over time I’ve cut out probably 80% or better of the animal products I consume which is pretty neat.  I don’t miss them… at all.  (You know, because if I did miss them… I’d totally eat them.)

Anyway, in an effort to continue reducing the amount of animal products I consume on a regular basis, I recently switched from whey protein powder to rice protein powder.

This is the brand I settled on after perusing various supplement websites.  First thing I’ve noticed?  Rice protein is harder to find, comes in a much less diverse array of flavors, and is more expensive on average than whey protein.  (Remember… I am cheap -make that thrifty-.)  The second thing I noticed?  I’m an idiot and accidentally bought plain instead of vanilla.  Doh!  It’s not the biggest issue in the world though, I just dose it up with vanilla extract and I’m good to go.

Now, the third thing?  The transition is a big rough.  The rice protein doesn’t seem to dissolve as well as the whey protein did.  Also, the flavor is different and much more noticeable.  Am I being picky?  Yeah, kinda.  It’s not as if I’m going to stop buying the stuff or stop consuming the stuff, it’s just that I didn’t think much about how well my protein powder would dissolve or the taste it would have before I made this switch.  (Sometimes I am very slow.)

At any rate, I’ve made the switch and I’m getting used to it.  I’ll probably like it even more when it’s properly flavored!  Whee!

I also bought some chocolate protein powder.  I’d been reading about chocolate cherry green monsters and just had to try one.  One issue here… what type of cherry is everyone using?  Because… you see… when I bought some frozen cherries and tried this wonderful-sounding combination…I swore to never put myself through it again.  It was that awful.  I drank the thing, but I didn’t enjoy it at all.  AT ALL.  Yuck.  I must be missing out on the cherries.  It’s ok though because I’ve been using the chocolate powder to make chocolate peanut butter (well, almond butter really) oatmeal.  I don’t know what it is, but all the food blogs I’ve been reading lately have been talking about oatmeal, so here I am craving oatmeal.

But today…. today I stumbled upon a masterpiece!

That there is blueberry oatmeal. Not just plain blueberry oatmeal… blueberry oatmeal with almond extract.  YUM!  Seriously, if you like almond extract at all, you have to try it.  I put some in a batch of blueberry muffins I made once and the result was so yummy I decided to try it in the oatmeal and it was delish.  Now, obviously I didn’t use the chocolate protein powder in this, I used the plain.

Uh, let’s see… recipe…

  • 1/3 c old fashioned oats
  • 2/3 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 c blueberries
  • sprinkling of splenda
  • drop of almond extract
  • 1 T chia seeds

Totally yummy, going to have this one again and again and again.  One thing on the rice powder?  It mixes really well with the oatmeal after it’s been heated  AND AND AND… the taste is much milder.