It happens every so often.  Someone will begin speaking about diets in front of me and I’ll keenly listen in to see if they’re “doing a diet” or exercising and eating healthier.  Usually I end up hearing some version of the same trick which boils down to this:  do some gimmicky thing which makes you eat less without realizing you’re eating less.  We all know these diets, many of us have even tried these diets (me!).  And me?  I just listen to see what people are doing.  I don’t offer my opinion on anything unless someone asks for it.  I mean it.  Dieting is so personal and I certainly don’t want people sticking their nose into my eating and exercising habits.  No way, uh uh.

So today when two coworkers and I were ogling one coworker’s fairly new baby, the conversation naturally turned to losing the weight gained during pregnancy.  The woman merely said “yeah, I have no desire to buy new pants so I’m going to be putting some effort in this summer.”  Coworker number two said “Oh, that can take a while.  It took me two years after my daughter was born.”  (Way to be encouraging coworker number two!  I bet new mom felt SO uplifted!)  Then, coworker number two begins giving dieting advice which goes something like this:  “Eat your biggest meal in the morning and then eat less and less throughout the day, dinner should be your smallest meal.  It really works.”  And then she turns to me as if to say “Go on Rhonda, tell her that’s how you lose weight.”

But that isn’t how I do it… and she kept waiting…. and waiting… and so finally I said “Actually, I do the opposite.  My biggest meal is dinner because that’s how it works best for me.”

And you know what she said?

“That’s wrong.  You shouldn’t do that.”


So nice, in fact, that I couldn’t keep myself from saying  “Actually, it’s all about calories in vs. calories out and eating the way that works for you… you know, since everyone is different.”

Nope.  She’s pretty sure I’m wrong.  In fact, she warned me that if I don’t change my eating habits, I’m going to gain everything I just lost right back.

Again…. niiiiiiiiice.

I didn’t bother opening my mouth again…. you know… because I’d be wrong.