It had to happen sooner or later.  I mean, I’ve been trying out new recipes left and right lately and, well, they can’t all turn out fantastic, right?


So I wanted to try out this white-bean pizza from Vegan on the Cheap which I found  here over at No Meat Athlete.  Genius, right?  Beans as the sauce AND no cheese?  This pizza has to be fantastic!

I wish I’d taken photos of my first attempt at pizza dough, however it was apparent from the beginning something just wasn’t right.  I used whole wheat flour without thinking and changed nothing else in the recipe.  As I struggled to mix I realized I might need more water.  So I added a bit.  The dough never became “soft and elastic” but I set it in a bowl to rise and left to go work out.  When I came home an hour later I expected it to have risen…. but it hadn’t.  It had just sort of sat there and festered.  I decided then and there to give up.  I was hungry, the dough hadn’t worked and I had no idea what to do with it.  I’m not a baker, I don’t understand these things.

And now for take two:

I used a mix of half plain flour and half wheat flour and wouldn’t you know it, the dough actually became soft and elastic!  And, when I wanted it to form a smooth ball, it did!  It did not require me to become a sculptor as the first ball did.  (Actually, clay is a great descriptor for the texture of that first ball.)

And, when I returned from my work out an hour later, it had actually risen.

But, as it turns out, I’m not so great at making this into something circular.  I ended up with more of a rectangle for my pizza crust.  The bean “sauce” came together pretty easily though when I tasted it, I could tell it needed a little something and so I threw in some stuff I won’t bother mentioning because it didn’t do anything for it.

And, when I spread the sauce on the crust, it looked like this.

To which I added tomatoes and olives and then hesitated.  It just seemed SO WRONG to have pizza with absolutely no cheese.  So I topped it with the only cheese in the house: garlic and herb feta.

After baking, it looked beautiful..

And then I served myself up some pizza!

And at this point, I’m still pretty excited, see?  I’ve got this pizza and I’m going to eat it and…..

I hated it.  Tasteless, lacking a bunch of something and just really not satisfying.  At all.  I ate my share here and then threw the rest out, I didn’t even want to keep it for leftovers.  No thanks!  The crust tasted very nice.  The toppings needed something and while I’m not sure if I’m going to make it again, I’mm fairly certain I’ll mix in some tomato paste with the bean mixture if I do… maybe that’s what I’m missing?  Maybe put some sliced garlic on it also?  I just feel like it really needed a flavor boost.  I don’t necessarily need cheese, the feta was nice and all and I didn’t miss the cheese aspect, but I think I did miss the tomato sauce.

So, there you have it.  My TWICE failed pizza.  All that work and I wasn’t even happy.  Sheesh!