I admit to being something of an ignoramus in the kitchen.  I manage to make edible meals through some sort of fluke ability to follow directions.  (Have you ever noticed the number of people who can’t follow a recipe?)  As such, I learned how to cook by collecting a bunch of recipes and following the directions.  I’m by no means someone who can whip up a little something with random ingredients I find.  I’m simply not that creative and I’m ok with that.  Thanks to the internet, I have a million recipes at my disposal any time I want them (except, perhaps in times of internet or power outage but in these cases I doubt I’d be cooking anyway, yes?)

I just started branching out with food in the past couple of years really.  My friend Lisa has seen to it I keep trying new things when we go out to eat and she makes it fun (instead of the terrifying event it could be).  And now, with my new adventures in eating, I’ve managed to make some really cool stuff… but none as cool as these.

I got the general recipe from here.

Now, I have to admit to being pretty excited about making these.  I mean, really, that wrapping material is cool stuff and I’ve often wondered what it’s made out of when I eat my basil rolls at my favorite Thai place.  Well, now I know.  I set out to do my weekly grocery shopping with a vague idea of what I wanted to stuff inside my rolls and a mission to find these wrappers.

First stop, the Asian section of my grocery store.  I looked high.  I looked low.  I looked twice.  I finally gave up and figured I’d have to find them elsewhere when…. Holy crap I’d overlooked them!  They come in such an unassuming package.  Game on.

I headed over to the produce where I picked up some cabbage, carrots, sprouts,  cucumber and red pepper to put inside these babies and stared at the fish sauce in my cart with a growing sense of dread.  I hate fish.  The fish sauce in the marinade scares the crap out of me.  I know lots of stuff I love to eat contains this fish sauce but…you know, it’s scary.

Step One:  Whip up the dipping sauce.  I used my powdered peanut butter and added more than it called for because it just seemed like I should when I tasted it.

Step Two:  Whip up the marinade.  This included a moment when I realized I had to cut the tip off the bottle of fish sauce and went absolutely brain dead as I laid the bottle on its side on the counter and sawed away at the tip.  It came off just fine and a nice squirt of fish sauce went all over my laptop.  After a minor freakout and a good washing… on to the next step.

Step Three: Chopping up produce and marinating.

Step Four: Finding container large enough for the hot water.

Step Five:  Turning solid sheet of paper like product into soft noodle like product in 30 seconds.  By far the coolest step.

Step Six:  Fill and roll.

Step Seven:  EAT!

First thoughts?  I need to roll these things more tightly but OMG are they good.  I had no idea I had the ability to make such things!  Do I look cool or what?