Continued with my plan of restarting the C25K running program.  Tonight marked my second run of week one.  Seriously, I cannot get over how much easier 6 mph is now.  I’m totally thrilled with my ability to run for 60 intervals at such a pace.  It gives me hope that the program will be just as thrilling for me the second time around as it was the first.  (The first time around the thrill was purely about actually being able to run at all as I’ve never ever been a runner.)

The tight schedule worries me a lot.  My very first event is July 3 and I really want it to be great.  I went to officially register and came to an issue when it asked for my pace.  What on Earth do I put?  I consulted my sister today (who will be running with me) and we decided on a pace of 12 m/m which is 5mph.

Why not 6 mph?

Well, I don’t exactly have time to finish the C25K program and I’m banking on being able to run further based upon the slower running speed.

Gamble?  Yes.

After tonight’s intervals I felt so good (and concerned about my endurance) that I decided to drop the speed down to 5mph and run for 5 more minutes – not intervals, just straight minutes.  (Anyone out there who has ever struggled with speed, you can let out a squeal of delight with me as I say the next bit.)  Can I just say how easy-paced and mildly slow 5 mph felt?  Seriously.  You have to give me a moment here because I am not only shocked but I’m getting up to do a happy dance.

Running totally rocks my world.

Game on.

(And I ended with some painful foam roller stretching.  I seem to be collecting these love/hate relationships – must call therapist.)