The end of the school year is fast approaching and, as usual, my free time has dropped tremendously in the past couple of weeks.  I suspect I’ll be posting more very soon.  Right now though… right now I’m buried under a mountain of papers to grade.  The last big lab report of the year was due Thurs/Friday, along with a test they took and then of course the usual scrambles for make up work to be turned in and the tests they just didn’t get around to making up seem important now.  Then there’s the fact of cleaning out my classroom which sucks every year.  It’s just a busy time.  My weekend is looking like a good time to get caught up around the house (it looks like a nightmare here, soooo messy it’s driving me nuts) and grade papers.

Do you ever let your house get out of hand because you’re busy and then suddenly you just can’t take it any more and instead of simply cleaning you’ve got to CLEAN, ORGANIZE and THROW OUT ALL THE CRAP you never use?  I hope so otherwise I’m a weirdo.  I have a small house and I like my small house just fine except that I tend to accumulate crap.  It’s crap I use once in a while or once a year or heck, never at all anymore.

Last night I got an urge to throw out all the cookbooks I don’t use.  I rarely used them to begin with, they take up all this counter space in my kitchen (a very limited thing in my kitchen), and I’m not likely to use them again since I’ve changed my eating habits so much.  So, I did it.  I decided to keep ONE old cookbook and ditch the rest of my old junk.

poor things

So there are the old ones, waiting for someone to decide they love them (those my family doesn’t want will likely go to a thrift store – someone will love them again).  See the blue and white one?  That’s a 4 ingredient diabetic cookbook leftover from my Atkins days.  GOODBYE!  The simple one-dish meals one on the lower left… that one was a favorite for a long time.  The rest of these I never really used much (well I used the Junior Cookbook a lot when I was in 6th grade, I might have to keep that based solely on nostalgia).

life simplified

And here is my cookbook stand (made by my Daddy) all simplified now.  My two vegetarian cookbooks, my one cookbook from the past, my tea remedies book and my field guide to produce book…. oh, and what’s that?  The big green book?  Is that new, you ask?

it's so pretty

Why yes, yes it is.  I saw this over at No Meat Athlete and thought it looked pretty neat so I looked it up on (love).  Turns out this baby has recipes based upon seasons.  Yup.  The produce available in each season is the produce used in the recipes of that season.  Genius, right?

i cannot wait to try this baby out

Oh look, it’s spring!  So literally the cookbook has 4 sections: spring, summer, fall and winter.  It’s sort of just what the doctor ordered especially considering I recently found out there is a CSA in my area and they do have extra shares available and I’m trying to determine if I have the money for it or not.  In the past I always considered a CSA to be too much of a gamble, I just didn’t like all that much produce and what would I do with the strange stuff?  I’m far more experimental now though and I’d consider it a great adventure and the stuff I didn’t like could be given away to someone, I’m sure.  So I’m considering buying a half share and really need to make a decision!

After all that clean living/eating, I’ll leave you with one of my guilty pleasures:

the combination is so good, you have no idea

Yes, I love Dunkin Donuts Cinnamon Spice coffee paired with Davinci’s sugar free vanilla syrup.  I’m addicted.  I haven’t had regular coffee at home since I found the combination.  And I know the artificial sweetener is bad but you can’t make me feel guilty I’m willing to deal with this… as I said, it’s my guilty pleasure.