This guy girl thing right here?

Yeah, I believe he abducted me in my sleep, did a brain probe of some sorts which left me brain damaged, and then deposited me in my bed.

How do I know?

I’m freaking out about not exercising… for two days in a row.

Allow me to explain:  I beat the heck out of my body this past weekend doing something along these lines:

Yesterday, I was tired.  I mean tired like I’m NEVER tired.  All I could think about was sleep.  And I was SORE.  I came home, ate dinner, went to bed.  No need to exercise in that sort of condition.  My body NEEDED a break, and I knew it.  End of story.

Now today, today is different.  I feel energetically capable.  However, my neck and back are so messed up from the above activity that I had to make a special chiropractor appointment.  Sure thing, I thought to myself, the chiropractor will make me feel all better and I can at least do a quick jog.

Great plan.  Except.  It all still hurts because it was pretty messed up and I KNOW KNOW KNOW doing any exercise will only jostle my neck around and make it worse.  So I’m sitting here getting irritated I cannot exercise and then giggling because who’d have thunk?  Seriously.

I’d go for a walk but it’s raining and quite honestly, I likely shouldn’t do much of that either.  My shoulder/neck are so messed up I can’t hardly turn my head.  Better to ice and rest, yes? (and in the back of my head i’m worrying i’m just being lazy)

Tomorrow, tomorrow I will exercise like there is no tomorrow.

But today, today I rest for the second day in a row…’s a creepy feeling.