1. Embark on a journey which requires a change of life.  This journey must also be difficult and life-long though the difficulty may get easier with time.
  2. See success with the above life-changing program.
  3. Begin to believe amazing things can happen.
  4. Start a blog.
  5. Make blogging friends.
  6. Get caught up in craziness of blogging friends. (Everyone seems to have caught 5k and triathlon fever up in here)
  7. Enable blogging friends to make you crazy as well. (Easy enough, I was halfway there.)
  8. Sign up for a triathlon. (But I wasn’t THIS crazy before.)
  9. Sign up for swim lessons so you can actually complete a triathlon. (Helps if you can swim during that swim portion.)
  10. Let crazy friend Rita mention the lack of swimming in duathlons.
  11. Sign up for a duathlon. (Right, now I’m double-crazy.)
  12. Realize a duathlon is very intimidating if you’ve never even done a simple event like a 5k. (I have event anxiety, you know.)
  13. Sign up for a 5k. (Somehow I feel as though I’m going in reverse.)
  14. Pause in horror when you realize you’ve signed up for a 5k, a duathlon and a triathlon and it SEEMS TO MAKE SENSE. (It does, right?  Right??!??)
  15. Look at self in mirror and say “Self?  Who the heck are you?” (Say back to yourself “Someone super cool, of course!”)
  16. Love it. (Or just laugh a lot, others will think you’re loving it when really you’re just not sure how you got from point A to point B other than insanity.)

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I originally had this big long post planned where I’d go through all of my inner thoughts and how I came to be planning to do all 3 of these things but I think the list sums it up.

The blame?  The blame is on Rita though.

Rita, I will claim to hate you a little bit at this moment…. but yeah yeah, thanks for pushing me.  You suck AND rule at the same time.