woohoo! new stuff to try!

So yesterday I got my nutsonline.com order.  I started looking online for places to buy chia seeds as I’ve been reading so much about them and the prices around here seem ridiculous.  I also needed to find some raw sunflower seeds and raw pumpkin seeds for a recipe I want to try.  (Nope, not telling just yet.)  Can I just say the packaging is much better than I anticipated?  I thought I”d be getting bags which, once cut open weren’t able to be sealed again.  These arrived in a resealable bags and a little less than half of what it would cost me here.

So this morning I tried some chia seeds in my green monster.

you can't see them... but they're there

I couldn’t tell a difference in taste or texture but I only put in about a tablespoon.

feels like fall

When I got to work, I saw someone had gotten to work on cleaning up all the cornstalk litter which had blown into the doorway of the school.  We’ve been having some mad wind lately (which is why I haven’t been rambling on about biking this week).

home sweet home

Some bird decided the ample materials and the nearby window ledge of my classroom made for a good home.  Unfortunately, whoever cleaned up the litter also took the nest away.  😦

love these

I always have a snack at around 10 am (about 5 hours after breakfast, I’m an early riser) and these are always a staple.  I’ve yet to tire of them.  Today the granola bar was paired with strawberries!  Yum.

i love red

Lunch has become pretty standard these days, a wrap paired with some grapes.

i love pesto

just enough to squash the sweet tooth I tend to have at lunch

Dinner tonight is out of my second vegetarian cookbook and the very first recipe I’ve tried out of it: spinach and sun-dried tomato stuffed peppers.

i love spinach!

It was my first experience with sun-dried tomatoes…I’m not overly impressed but I’m not under-impressed either.

don't they look pretty?

I used to hate stuffed peppers because in cooking them, you’re supposed to boil them for a couple minutes and they always seemed so water logged to me… gross.  So I stumbled upon a recipe where you put them in the crock pot.. no boiling.  They turn out brilliantly every time… even if they’re not quite as pretty as the before.

not pretty, but it did taste good!

I’m off to ride my bike.  Good day!