It seems I’ve been inspired lately (I blame all the blogs I’ve been reading).  Everyone is out there in the world challenging themselves to be MORE and to do TREMENDOUS things.

I wanna do that too!

So, I’ve taken a long, hard look at my list.  And I’ve thought about it.  And thought some more.  Then I read Rita’s What if Wednesday post and got jealous.  (You know, because if my girl crush is doing it, I wanna do it too!)  Then I said to myself “Self, I know you still think of yourself as an overweight tub of lazy lard, but, you’re not.  And, even if you are, how can you change it if you don’t aim high?”  (There were no good arguments against myself.)

So yeah, I’m going to go for a triathlon.  Not a BIG one, mind you, but a little one.  You know, just to break me into the concept.  I can set leap tall buildings in a single bound as my NEXT goal.

Where to start?  How about a specific end date?  I mean, I can SAY I’m training for a tri for the next few years and just avoid the issue altogether whilst eating potato chips from my recliner.  (Note:  Neither of these two items actually exist in my house.  Oh wait, there is a recliner but the cats sit on it, not me.)

I went online to find a local triathlon and… wouldn’t you know it… there is a ton.  After sorting through a zillion INDOOR triathlons (really?), I came upon one I think I can manage.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you… The Prairie Triathlon at NorthPointe (we here in IL love talking about Prairies whenever possible, see.)

and hopefully Rita can read this or I'll be forced to do it allll over again

In case you can’t read:

  • Swim: 350 yards
  • Bike: 17 miles
  • Run: 3 miles

I feel like I can totally do this.  This particular triathlon takes place June 12 this year but doing it this year is NOT my goal.  I’d like to take place in next year’s Prairie Triathlon at NorthPointe (see?  I had to put prairie in again for fun).  It’s because I can’t swim, see.  I mean, I can swim well enough to go frolic in the water but as for proper form actual swimming I have no clue.  The need for swim lessons makes anything in the next 6 months (yes, I’m being realistic) very difficult.

So yeah, I guess I now have a goal… a big goal.  What I feel right now is: anxious, excited, nervous, hopeful, determined and a lot of other things I can’t even begin to name right now.

Oh.  One really cool, super fantastic thing about this goal?  I have to accomplish a few other things on my list to get there:

  • Swim lessons
  • Lap swimming
  • Run a 5k (to get over my fear of events to familiarize myself with events)
  • Possibly even a bike race!

I’ve got a bit over a year which, if I can’t manage all this in a year – I’m either injured or not trying hard enough. (Both are completely possible.)

<Insert girly squeal of delight and excitement here…followed by a groan of “omg did I really just put it out into the universe I’m going to do a triathlon?>

What about you guys?  Got a big goal?  Daring to dream big?  Share!!