I have been on the go since I woke this morning.

I have three cats, but only one of them really matters.  I mean, sure I love the others just fine, but Moe is my buddy.  He follows me around, listens to every word I say (yes, I talk to him – back off).  There is a drawback to this.  He wants my attention.  Having slept

so precious...most of the time

horribly all week long (Restless Leg Syndrome – the more active I am the more it seems to act up this time of year.)  I found myself incredibly tired last night and I slept so well.  And, you know how you get incredibly tired the moment you’re finally able to sleep?  Yeah, that’s me this morning.  Normally I’m still up around 5:30 or 6 am on weekends.  I get up at 5 during the week and it just sort of sticks.  I don’t really enjoy sleeping in unless I am tired.  Which I was.  Which made little kitty here anxious.  See, it was 6:30 am and I still wasn’t up!!!  So he cried and he cried and he cried and he cried and I finally got up.


On the agenda for the day:  Pulling weeds out of the front flower bed, buying mulch, putting mulch down on the ground, and picking my bike up from the bike shop.  Miraculously, all was accomplished.

Weeding the stupid front flower bed is incredibly annoying.  First, there are two layers of mulch on it plus landscape fabric under that.  Why grass is still able to grow I have NO IDEA but it pisses me off, big time.  Why?  Grass is ridiculously hard to pull.  It took forever.

Laying the mulch down is easy, yet tedious.  See, I’m cheap.  I’ll admit it.  I hate spending money on random stuff.  So, when we ordered plants to put in last year, we ordered them from a company which sells them when they’re TINY.  I cannot even tell you how many plants came in what seemed like a very small box/bag (30).  Some were nothing more than a germinated seed.  Seriously.

the front yard

the side yard

the back yard

So, the plants are difficult to mulch around because they’re fairly small and breakable.  But just wait, in a few years they’re going to be amazingly large and easy to mulch around.  Oh, also able to grow through the landscape fabric and two layers of mulch?  Tulips.  I thought I’d dug them all out (obviously I  missed a few) and yet they’re scattered around the bed.  Go figure.  So, 15 bags of mulch later I have some fantastic looking stuff.  If you don’t agree with me, just nod your head and smile.  My shins are bruised, my fingertips are nearly too sore to type (tragic indeed) and I’ll likely bite your head off if you say it’s all ugly.

One thing about all this yard work?  I didn’t quit.  I didn’t even stop to take a break.  I remember doing all the same stuff last year and it took me days.  I put out a bag or two of mulch a day.  Not this year, I just kept going.  Even better?  I didn’t even think of stopping without it being finished.  I didn’t even really think about taking a break.  I’m likely more in shape now than I’ve ever been in my entire life.  Yes, I’m sure we’ve all realized this by now but I  mean I really SEE it now.

After all this (actually sort of inbetween) I went to pick up my bike.  Same stupid guy at the counter.  I dislike him.  The girl is super friendly though.  When I got it home I took it for a quick spin (like a minute and a half total) to test her out.  Not only is the pedaling more smooth but the gears shift beautifully.  I’m elated.  I cannot wait to take it out!  (Tomorrow, hopefully.)

And as if all this wasn’t excitement enough for one day (can I have a nap now?) I made the Lentil Tacos I’d planned for last week but never got made.  I cannot take credit for the idea, I got the idea here. I’ve never really used lentils before but the recipe just made sense to me.  I mean, I figured it would be slightly reminiscent of refried beans only they’d be taco flavored.

My only real use of the recipe was to see how much water I needed in order to cook my lentils.  I used a taco seasoning packet.  Why?  Because I wanted to.  Because it’s easier.  And because I don’t have all the spices listed and because if I bought the kit which includes the shells and seasoning, it also comes with salsa which means I don’t have to buy that also and then let it go bad in my fridge.  I threw the lentils in the pan, added 1/4 cup more water than it called for (I have absolutely no reason for doing so other than a general hunch), added the taco seasoning stirred and let it simmer!

mash mash baby

I stopped covering them when they looked about like this.  The recipe said to mash them slightly so I spent some time doing so (I sooo need an easier method, I went through a few things trying to find the perfect masher).  I kept the heat on while doing that so the excess water could evaporate.  And in the end, they looked like this:

it either looks like baby poo or refried beans, I'll leave the final opinion to you

And I put it in the bottom of my taco like I would have taco meat.  Added in some tomatoes, a tiny sprinkle of cheese, some salsa and some lettuce on top (I HATE warm lettuce so I try to keep it from touching the hot stuff).

totally yum

They were excellent.  The only real difference?  The texture.  The flavor was the same as any other taco I’ve had.  These will become a favorite, I’m sure.  Tomorrow it will become taco salad.

So there you have it.  My back hurts from all the bending and lifting, my fingertips hurt from the stupid mulch but it’s all good because I just cooked up meatless tacos and they’re keepers… AND EASY!