I find myself counting down the days toward the one-year anniversary of my start on this journey.  Sometimes it feels as though it has been far more than just a year and other times I think it has all passed in a whirlwind.  As I ate drank my breakfast this morning I started to think about some of the changes I’ve made to my life, other than the obvious weight-loss.

no fear

First, I don’t hate my scale anymore.  In fact, this is a shiny new scale I got for Christmas.  (Don’t worry, I had it on my Christmas list.)  For years I hated the scale.  It seemed every time I stepped on one, I’d gained weight.  Every time I had to face the scale I also had to face a battle lost.  I did not have control over my weight.  My weight controlled me and my actions and the way I felt about myself.

I don’t shy away from the scale anymore.  I also don’t weigh myself obsessively anymore.  Sometime in the past year I went from never weighing to weighing constantly at various times of day, to weighing about once a week or so.  This scale right here?  We are friends.

it may not look like much, but it's a huge deal

Second.  The photo of my coffee maker isn’t to who you what sort of coffee maker I have… It is to show you this corner of my kitchen.  This is the corner of the kitchen I used to store the chips and snacks in.  This is the corner of the kitchen where I’d grab those greasy, crunchy munchies which have absolutely no value other than to contribute to my weight problem.  This corner now houses the coffee maker.  When I think back to what a chaotic mess this corner of the kitchen used to be I sort of get a comparison to the way my life was then and now.  The chaos of then representing my lack of control over my weight and the fairly organized way it is now… I have the control and the ability to be healthier.

Along these lines I’ve been thinking about my quest for a healthier lifestyle which has led me to try to lead a more active lifestyle.  For a long time, I just sort of assumed it would happen naturally.  You know, I’d begin to want to exercise ALL the time or something.  The key word there?  Exercise.   Not so long ago I realized that, as long as I continued to think of activities as exercise, they would never become something I did for fun.  They would always be work outs in my head.  So I made a goal which essentially took away my ability to think of things like running and cycling as work outs.  And now?  Something amazing has begun to happen.  I’m doing these things for FUN.  And… more importantly, they actually ARE fun.

So I’m thinking, maybe a more active lifestyle is just like everything else on this journey.  I had to take baby steps into eating healthier and I had to do it deliberately, with a plan, and with purpose.  Doesn’t it make sense then that I’d have to take baby steps into a more active lifestyle?  And… do it deliberately, with a plan, and with purpose?

This is one of those moments where I feel as though I’ve discovered the secret of the universe for one whole minute and then I realize… most people probably already know this.  Change, any change, takes time and determination.  I will become more active in my leisure activities.  I will lead a healthier lifestyle.  It will take time, planning, and purpose.

I already have signs of this happening though.

sorry it is such a bad photo

Here we have two piles of clothes.  On the right are my casual clothes (non work related).  This pile contains two shirts.  On the left is a stack of work out clothes.  It may not be incredibly obvious, but the work out clothing stack is greater than the casual clothes.  Why?  Most nights this week I’ve come home, worked out, grabbed some dinner and then headed off to do another activity after which I’ve showered and put on my pj’s as there’s only an hour until bed.  You know what’s different about this?  Leisure time, or relaxation time doesn’t mean sitting in front of the television or the computer.  Riding my bike is just as relaxing.  Again, momentous for me.

ohhh, this is where i left that

One last thing.  I used to leave chip bags laying around the house.  Now?  Yep, it’s various pieces of things I use for exercise.  My mp3 player, for example is always left in a random area as I cannot think straight when hot and sweaty, apparently.  This is also the reason I’d hang my bike helmet on the doorknob which is an incredibly inconvenient place to put it.  But the thing is… it’s a change… and it’s a change in the right direction.

So, with a pat on the back as to the changes I’ve made and a vision of who I’d like to be in the future… I set off to live a healthier life with purpose and planning.