I’d never seen a wind advisory before.  Honestly.  When I looked at the weather report this morning and saw a wind advisory for noon today until 8pm I went “woah, they do wind advisory notices just like flood and severe weather ones.”

That wind advisory? Spot on.  It is crazy windy outside.  There will be no biking, no outside running and no nice walks after dinner today.  (Seriously, I can envision myself being blown over on my bike, it’s that windy.)  It’s ok though.  Today marks yet another chiropractor appointment where my back is just messed up.  As much as I hated to do it, on my way home I decided not to work out tonight.  I just can’t justify going and doing all that crap right after a chiropractor appointment.  It just seems stupid.  I’ll give it tonight to settle in, ice it up and then get back into the swing of things tomorrow.  We all need a rest anyway, yes?

super cute

Waiting on my doorstep when I arrived home?  My tea order.  I’m sort of a tea junkie.  I like having some at night… maybe it’s the reason I’m not an after dinner snack kind of person.

I’m particularly excited about this order.  The company had sent me a catalog maybe two months ago with a sample of the honey ginseng tea and I LOVED it.  So, so good.  And then I went with something new.  The Republic of Tea seemed to have a new area devoted to hibiscus teas and so I thought why not and ordered a Key Lime variety.  (Why key lime?  Because I like the pie, naturally.)

So now I have a bit of a conundrum.  Do I satisfy my urge for another cup of honey ginseng tonight?  Or… do I go for the new?

Yep.  Sometimes, my life is full of not-so-tough decisions.

Some maintenance information.  My Curves counter yesterday was 135 work outs.  A mere 65 to sneak in before the end of August.  I’d adjust but with them taking 2 days off for memorial day, likely 3 days off around July 4th and who knows what else in between I just don’t want to re-evaluate.  And hey, seriously?  When I made this goal I really thought I’d be hard pressed to make it.  We shall see what summer brings though.  You never really know.

Also, I’m down just a smidge on the scale.  The first time it’s honestly moved in weeks.  Cleaner eating?  Works its thang.  Stupid how easily I fell off the wagon and how quickly downhill I slid and didn’t seem to mind at all.  All I can say is at least I maintained.