Soooo I may have mentioned the veggie wraps just weren’t doing it for me.  It could be chalked up to the low carb wrap just spoiling my taste for the rest of it but after just two days, I didn’t want any more.  I threw out the low carb wraps last night.  Good riddance!  I’ve decided to take chicken pesto wraps the rest of the week.  It enables me to incorporate my new love, pesto. (First jar ever of new love pictured here for reference.)

how i love thee

As packaging lunch for work is always a trick, I came up with what I dare say might be a genius idea to take the pesto, chicken, lettuce and tomato to work without a big mess on my hands come lunch.


See?  I put the pesto on the bottom and layer the chicken on top.  The chicken forms a bit of a barrier between the veggies and the pesto so I don’t end up with limp tomatoes or lettuce.  Even better?  The chicken sort of marinates in the pesto overnight.  Yay!  My wrap today for lunch was deeeelish!  Now, for those of you out there freaking out about the amount of calories in pesto… I don’t use very much at all, just a tablespoon.  A little goes a long way.

Tonight I made one of my new favorite meals from my first ever vegetarian cookbook.  Thai sesame peanut noodles.  This is one of those recipes I LOVE to make now that I’ve found the powdered peanut butter.  I just did the calculations and the amount of peanut butter the recipe calls for is 1007 calories.  With powdered peanut butter, it’s only 256 calories.  That’s a ton of calories considering I get about 2.5 meals out of a batch.  Again, very happy with my powdered peanut butter purchase.  It’s PERFECT for stuff like this… not so perfect for toast.

the secret is in the sauce.... and it's....powdery

love love love this

I’ve also been excited pretty much ALL DAY to go for another bike ride.  I’m sort of following my old training schedule (which, oddly enough I still remember after all these years) in order to ease back into cycling.  Yes, I’m excited.

So, to let my food digest a bit after dinner I cleaned the kitchen (thrilling) and then retrieved my bicycle helmet from the basement where it has been sitting for far too long.  I spent a lot of time checking for spiders and other small bugs, washing off the dust and then tried it on…. and…for some reason it didn’t fit properly.  Did I lose that much of a double chin?  Seriously?

Wanna know what I forgot about bicycle helmets?

They are a pain in the butt to adjust.  It took forever but I really wanted to get it right.  I’ve joined a cycling club and I don’t want to show up to my first ride looking like an idiot who can’t fit her helmet properly.

if you're sexy and you know it.... make a bizarre face....

After an eternity, the finished product!  And this is also when I remembered why you get such bad helmet hair.. it’s all scrunched up inside the helmet.  Oh well.

My mileage for tonight was 7 miles and I really wanted to keep up the pace I’d had the other night which had averaged 22.5 mph.  I mean, half the thrill of biking right now is that I’m going soooo much faster than I ever have before.

But before I started, I took a pic of my bike for you guys.


I really do love the thing.

Picture done I climbed on and headed out of town…. only to be confronted by some SERIOUS wind.  Holy Crap!  On my way out I only managed around 16.5 mph as in the open the wind was just brutal.  I knew there would be a light at the end of the tunnel though as I planned to turn around at the 3.5 mile mark and… when I did… hooo!

I’m planning on taking my bike in for maintenance on Saturday as it currently won’t shift into high range.  Had it shifted into high range I have no idea what my top speed would have been coming back but even without it I topped out at 34 mph and held a good 30 mph most of the way back which is just…. I dunno, I’m beyond happy and thrilled about it.

she's going the distance.... she's going for speed (Cake? Anyone?)

My final time was actually 20:30 but it took me 12 seconds to get out my camera.  Average speed?  21.something.

I am a happy girl.

This ends my picture happy post.  Good Day!

Oh… did I mention the bike ride was in ADDITION to my normal work out?

Ok… now good day!