I had a meeting scheduled for tonight which meant I wouldn’t have the time to work out.  This is fine as after Sunday and Monday my body felt as though it might like a day off.  I went through the whole day planning on not working out and so when they canceled the meeting at the last minute… I didn’t quite know what to do.  I mean, I’d be able to go work out if I wanted… and I did want to… but shouldn’t I take a day off?  And then there is the problem of my goal… what if my failure to go tonight makes me miss my 200 work outs by one… especially considering they’re closing Curves the Saturday AND Monday of Memorial Day.

Well, let me backtrack for a moment.

Yesterday I came home from working out, ate some dinner, played on the internet and then looked outside.  STILL LIGHT!  So I thought to myself  –you know those bike tires of yours did just get filled and you HAVE been dying to know if biking is better now that you’re all in shape and all. So I found my little backpack I use when I go biking (I absolutely refuse to go without my cell phone and house key as I am not going to leave my house unlocked even though I live in podunk and if someone actually entered my house they’d likely clean it rather than rob it) and I decided to go for a quick 5 miler.  No reason to jump into anything larger, I mean, the butt has to be broken in easy on that bike seat.

I used to love biking (I guess it’s supposed to be called cycling so no one thinks I’ve turned into some biker chick or something).  I’d do it all the time when I was in high school, before I got my license.  I even got back into it my second year of teaching when I signed up to do the JDRF Ride for Diabetes in Death Valley.  I trained for that one and came to think of a 20 mile bike ride as nothing major and a 40 as a “longer one.”  Heh.  Then I let myself go, I slipped.  I went biking with my sister once a couple years ago… oh wait, we went twice glutton for punishment that I was, it felt like pure misery.  I huffed and puffed and totally didn’t make it up the hill without walking.  Sucks.

So when I took my bike out last night it didn’t take long for me to become a bit giddy.  Sure my leg muscles burned a bit but what did I expect?  I’d just worked out a bit before AND they hadn’t done the biking thing in a looooong time.  Wanna know the best part?  My average speed came out to be 22.5 mph.  Even when I trained for Death Valley I was happy with an average speed of 16 mph and I didn’t hit THAT very often, it was a leisurely pace for sure.  But now?  I’m zooming along at 22.5 and my high gear shifter didn’t even work (Need to take the bike in for a tune up.) so that means I was stuck in the middling gears and not able to really go for it on those nice, flat stretches.  And the hill I have to go up to get back home?  I so remember dropping the gears down stupidly low to get up the stupid thing.  Not last night!

What a cool, cool thing to see the difference in my body then and now.  Very cool.

So yeah, I ran on Sunday which had been a scheduled day off.  I went to Curves yesterday and then took my bike out for a spin.  Stiff and sore pretty much sums me up this morning which is why I thought “yeah, no biggie about not working out tonight, I think I need a break.”  Which is why it seemed such a dilemma when my meeting didn’t happen.  In the end I went to Curves.  I didn’t give it my over the top all, but I did break a sweat.  Happy medium?

At any rate, I’m taking my bike in to get fixed sometime this weekend (hopefully) and then you just wait.  I’m gonna be SPEED RACER!

Oh!  One more thing?  I hate the low carb wraps I bought, the garlic and herb ones.  The texture is nasty, the taste is like chewing on garlic powder mixed with sawdust and it’s making me not want to eat lunch.  The tomato basil ones are ok but again, I cannot take the garlic and herb laughing cow cheese on it as it makes me think of the garlic and herb wraps.  I’m chucking the low carb wraps and changing up what I’ve been putting IN the wraps a bit to make it a bit more interesting.  I haven’t been excited about lunch and if I don’t change it soon I’ll end up wandering down to the cafeteria to THE LAND OF FATTENING FOOD GALORE.  Ever wonder why new teachers gain weight?  It’s the food in the teachers lounge AND eating at the cafeteria.  Ugh.