Inspired by a bunch of stuff I’ve been reading, my own internal cravings and this post over at The Giggly Bits… I have made the move to get back to cleaner eating.  I’ve slid, oh how I have slowly slipped away from my healthy eating habits.  It began in February and it’s slowly gotten worse.  The crazy thing?  My body is craving the good stuff.  Thank goodness!  I mean, it’s still wanting to eat high calorie, high fat processed foods in mass quantities…. and it has taken my body a good 6 weeks to begin to crave the good food, but hey… I’m craving it!

don't judge the mess, embrace it

So first, to mimic Rita, I’m going to show my fridge after my grocery shopping trip last night.  While hers was an organizational masterpiece, mine is a REAL fridge with everything shoved in there – before I’ve cleaned any of the produce so I have an excuse as to why it looks so awful.  For the record, I do have a small fridge but as I don’t have kids yet it doesn’t make sense to me to have a large one because as far as I can ever tell a large fridge usually = a nightmare of semi-rotting food.

For breakfast I am moving back to my green monster smoothies for breakfast.  For those of you unfamiliar with these beauties I learned about them from another blogger who doesn’t blog anymore but SHE learned about them from here. I don’t know why I stopped them, really.  I love them.  For the record, here is my daily smoothie which never fails me.

  • 1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (Truly I don’t get enough protein without this, it’s by no means a requirement of the green monster)
  • 1/2 c almond milk
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 c blueberries
  • 2-3 big handfuls of spinach
  • 1-2 ice cubes

Now, there is an art to making this in a traditional (read: NORMAL) blender.  I put the almond milk and protein powder in the bottom and then the spinach and I blend.  This is done while vigorously shaking the blender as the spinach clings to the side for its life.  I’ve found that – the more compact I make the spinach – the less it moves.  Then I add in the banana and blueberries and everything works just fine.  Oh right, I used to use ice cubes but now I just freeze my blueberries.  I added the ice cubes in last for those who want to know.  It turns a sick shade of blue-green but it tastes really good AND I SWEAR YOU CANNOT TASTE THE SPINACH.  Many people can’t get past the whole spinach thing and many more cannot get past the green color.  Suck it up people, you’ve eaten chicken nuggets yes?  Seen what goes into THOSE?  (For the record, I have never liked processed chicken very much.)

For lunch I’ve decided to attempt some veggie wraps.  I figured I’d try out the Laughing Cow cheese everyone raves about.

comes in a cute little wheel, garlic and herb for flavor

and the wedge is good size for only 35 calories!

Shown for your viewing pleasure here is the outside of the container and the size of a wedge… which I think is a decent size for 35 calories.  If this stuff tastes good I can see why everyone raves about it, I mean, that’s a pretty good bargain.  Anyway, I bought this to spread on the wraps because I wasn’t thrilled with the avocado I put on a previous wrap and I wanted to try this stuff out.  We shall see how it works.

Next thing on the list?  Find a wrap which wasn’t 230 calories.  Again, thanks to Rita (woah I think I might have a bit of hero worship going on here or something) I knew such a thing as a 100 calorie wrap existed – or there abouts anyway.   I found two wraps to try.  One is low-carb, which isn’t exactly my intent but it’s only 50 calories (woah) and the other is larger and 100 calories and doesn’t seem to be low-carb oriented.  Both are flavored and I’m hoping will turn out very yummy.  I figure I can have a big one and a small one for lunch and one laughing cow cheese wedge will coat both nicely.  (BONUS)

the bigger ones at 100 calories

smaller,at 50 calories

Haha, as I’m sitting here loading up these photos I got to thinking wow those are low calorie counts and I had a sudden surge of panic that the serving size was 1/2 a wrap or something.  (Seriously, that kind of crap annoys me.  Why oh why if a serving is ONE pop tart do you package them in pairs?  No, I don’t eat pop tarts anymore, it’s just the first example I could think of.)  But nope, both are for the entire wrap.

So anyway, again, as I’m figuring out a loose calorie count (the only kind of counting I do these days) I’m amazed at how silly I’ve been.  You can eat SO MUCH MORE FOOD when it’s actual food and not crap.  I’m filling these babies with lettuce, cucumber, carrot and tomato and all that will add up to a pitifully small amount of calories for the filling.  Sweeet.

For meals I’ve got a new one planned.  I stumbled across a recipe which totally intrigued me because – when I thought about it – it just made sense.  Here, let me show you a photo.

made by a real person, not a professional and stolen, shamelessly, from

This is a taco.  The “meat” is lentils with taco seasoning.  See?  It makes sense to me.  I figure the texture will be a bit mushy but a bit stiff and it will taste oh nearly exactly like taco meat.  How fun is that?  I was so excited at the idea I put them on the menu.  My tacos will have better lettuce, no cheese, more salsa and tomatoes which are actually red.  No offense whoever took this picture, it’s just… I think you could have done better.  (Now I sound snooty.)

Ok, that’s it!  I am totally excited about returning to green monsters.  I am totally excited about how much I get to eat for lunch (once an eater, always an eater).  And I’m totally excited about trying out the new taco meat.

How about you guys?  What’s your current favorite lunch or dinner meal?