not very motivating

As the sun is not actually shining outside (see photo), I thought I’d force myself to focus on something positive.  I know I can get into a nasty habit of complaining or focusing only on the negative and quite frankly, I need a good dose of  sunshine.

First:  Yesterday after work, it was raining and when I got home I really really just wanted to take a nap and relax as my week has been pretty busy.  It took every ounce of willpower I had to do it, but I went ahead and went in to Curves to work out.

Second:  Same thing today.  Yucky outside = me not wanting to leave the house.  I went in though and now I’m done with work outs for the weekend!  I do love Sunday days off!

Third (and the real meat of the post):  It seems I’ve started a bit of a chain reaction.  In the past few months I’ve had five different people come talk to me one-on-one about how I lost weight.  What did each person say to me?  The very first words out of their mouth?  “You’re doing so well and you’ve really inspired me to want to do something for myself too.”

Yes, you read that properly.  I inspired people.  Me.  I did it.  I’ve inspired people to make an attempt at changing their lives or their habits.  It’s really a very fantastic feeling to know people are watching me and feeling like “man, she’s really doing awesome, I wish I could do that.”  How cool is that?

Naturally they all ask “what I’m doing.”  We are so in the mentality of what diet will you be having today? (Oh right, positive positive!)  I explain it’s just diet and exercise and their faces fall.  I know that look though and so I go on to explain HOW.  I don’t just leave them at the curb wondering how to cross the busy highway, I explain how to get their numbers (BMR mostly, how many calories to a pound, etc) and I also explain that exercise is a scary thing and it’s OK to take baby steps.  I tell them the baby steps I took.  I tell them about Curves.  I tell them about finding the eating pattern that works for them and give them a couple of examples.  I tell them that eating healthier won’t come all at once and it’s OK to take baby steps but that once they start counting calories they’ll WANT to incorporate more veggies anyway since it means they can eat more.  At the very end I tell them that knowing the numbers is the first step, they now have the knowledge which enables them to take CONTROL of their weight.

Do they come back and ask questions?  Three have.  Those are the three who are also losing weight and feeling fantastic about themselves.  The other two didn’t want to count calories but they’re exercising now and still feeling really inspired.

Now again, to toot my own horn….

I did this.  I lost 50 lbs.  I inspired people to change their own lives.  They lost weight.  They changed their lifestyle.  They will also motivate people.

It’s like passing the buck of positivity and inspiration!

Go me!

Have you guys/girls motivated anyone?