Laziness, that is.  Sure, I’ve been working out like a mad woman (for me, anyway) and I’ve managed to bring my total number of Curves work outs from 118 to 130 in the past 2.5 weeks, which is way cool.

I have no been running because of a bad back.

I have dropped out of my push up challenge because of a bad shoulder (I am planning to do this after I build up some strength there.)

What have I been doing in place of the push up challenge, you ask?  Have I been doing anything else recreational to substitute for the running?  That, my friends is a big, fat, NOPE.

Flash forward a few years to when I inexplicably become a dog person and an SUV person and this is me:

I bet it's because I have a bad back.

Mmmhmm.  I am on the fast-track to lazy town.  I have been buying my own excuses, singing the ho-hum it’s too bad I can’t do that tune of laziness.


I am going back to that site and looking up the 200 sit-up challenge to replace the push-up challenge.

I will do something extra this weekend in terms of FUN exercise.

I will stop being a lazy mush ball of belly fat.  I mean, the belly fat might still be there after I stop being lazy and stuff but at least then one of those negative terms is gone, yes?

Have a great Friday y’all!