First with the plantain.

just a wee amount of caramel sauce

naughty but oh so good

I followed one of my student’s suggestions and wrapped the entire plantain (skin and all) in aluminum foil and baked it at 400 for 25 minutes.  Now, they said the sugar was supposed to begin to caramelize so when I took it out and peeked and it just looked rather moist, I put it back into the oven for another 10 minutes.  After that I declared it done enough.  I put about half of it in a bowl with some caramel sauce I picked up thinking it would closely mimic that I had with them in Mexico.  It is and it isn’t.  I think the stuff I had might have had cinnamon in it or something as this was so similar and yet so far away.  At any rate, the plantain was still just as good as I remembered!  It’s still a nice, strong flavor and I certainly wouldn’t want to eat it without a bit of something sweet on top… but just a bit as it doesn’t need much.  Honestly, I don’t see any reason to fry these things other than convenience maybe?  I’m thinking of getting my George Foreman grill out and trying that with the next one.

And now for the small victory.  Meet the hated black shirt.

was trying to get an angle where it covered up the school logo so I look all confused

I bought this shirt a couple of years ago from the athletic boosters of the school I work for.  They went to having Fridays be casual days as long as we wore something with the school logo on it.  Fine fine.  They offered these shirts on sale that year and the ladies sizes only went up to L but you could order up to a 2X.  I liked the shirt.  It’s a nice shirt and everyone who put it on looked so nice in it so I ordered one in a 1X.

When I got the shirt I cried.  After putting it on at home it was obvious to me they had absolutely no concept of 1X.  First, the shirt was longer than the regular sizes had been.  This annoys me.  I think it’s designed for larger girls with big boobs or something…which I don’t have so it just means the shirts come down to an uncomfortable and unseemly level… especially if you’re trying to not emphasize your waist/hips/gut area.  Second, it was so tight it fit my fat rolls like a latex glove.  Seriously, this is not an over exaggeration.  I looked so awful in the shirt that I even tried to sell it (but no one needed a 1X, naturally).

After I lost about 25-30 lbs I tried the shirt on again.  It still fit me awfully, mainly due to the length and fact that it still liked to emphasize the valley between my two rolls of fat on my stomach.  I decided then and there the shirt was a lost cause and that I would likely never lose enough weight to be able to comfortably wear it.  The shirt went back into my closet until this week.

You see, I had dissections this week and during those I’m able to wear jeans to work (you know, because worm guts in dress pants/shirt just makes no sense).  As I essentially have zero casual clothing these days I struggled to find a shirt to wear with my jeans and so I had decided to wear school shirts…of which most are long sleeves… and it was 80ish degrees this week.  Not good.  So on a whim I took this shirt out of the closet, tried it on and….. it fit!  It’s still too long for my liking but it fits!  And… everyone commented on how slim I looked…all day long.

Say hello to my new favorite shirt!