Over at The Giggly Bits, Rita is back from vacation in Cancun and I’ve been fondly remembering my own trip to Mexico.  Now granted that trip happened before I started on my weight loss journey and so most of my memories are from the eyes of a puffy, bloated, out of shape, hiding in a HYUGE swim suit cover, girl.  One thing I do remember fondly about the buffets in Cancun?  Plantains.

you'd almost think they're bananas

I remember having them fairly often, just a few pieces usually dipped in this incredibly thick, caramel-like substance they had available.  Wow were they good.  I don’t necessarily miss the caramel, in fact, I do recall eating them just plain a couple of times.  So, I went to the local grocery store and bought some last week.

Then I came home and started digging up recipes using these things.


Turns out the ones I ate in Mexico had likely been fried in some oil (silly me, I sort of thought they might have grilled them or something).  It also turns out a LOT of plantain recipes call for frying or, in some cases, DOUBLE frying them.  Oops.  I bought mine yellow so they were past the green stage when I could have tried a couple of recipes where you treat them like potatoes and so here they sit on my counter, getting nice and black.  What am I going to do when they turn black?  Well, it just might be the first occasion I get my grill out and grill them up.  I’m NOT frying them.  I AM, however, intending to top them with a wee bit of honey when I eat them.  Sue me.  In the meantime, I’m desperately searching the net for recipes which doesn’t call for frying them into potato chip like substances or something similar.  Who knew?

Things are running smoothly this week.  I’m only hitting Curves 5 days this week as tonight things just didn’t pan out.  I had a huge faculty meeting after work followed by marriage counseling, a stop at the grocery store and you know what?  I need to keep my sanity AND my fitness.  Five days this week will do me just fine.  Although I will say I am only so dedicated because I’ve set that goal of hitting 200 Curves work outs by the end of August.  It’s amazing and silly what a goal will do for you.

And finally, I leave you with this picture:

not perfect, but so much better

You might wonder what’s going on at first glance.  Before you start squinting and possibly freezing your face into an unseemly position, I’ll tell you.  I am bumming around the house, wearing leggings and talking on the phone when I look over and see my legs reflected in the microwave.  Now looking at the reflection of my legs in the microwave is something I learned to avoid “back in the day.”  But you know something?  Tonight I looked and I didn’t hate my legs.  Sure, they’re not skinny…. but they’re so much better looking than they were and they actually taper… So yes, this is a picture of my legs as seen through the reflection in my microwave door.  At least it’s clean enough to reflect, yes?

In bits and pieces I’m learning to appreciate the body I have while still working towards the best my body can be.  Some days it’s a struggle but today, I’ve found a smile in a formerly unfriendly place.