At least it’s a step in a different direction from the whining I usually do, yes?

In the beginning of my journey, when I’d lost 10 lbs, no one noticed.  I mean, I sure did.  I felt as though I looked so different!  My clothes were fitting better, my muscles were more toned and I swore I looked less puffy, had better color and… well… maybe I was reaching.  At 20 lbs lost my close friends began to notice.  They made comments about my loose fitting clothes, my new clothes, how perky my butt was getting (yes, I have one friend who does this all the time).  At 30 lbs most everyone began to notice.  It became annoying sometimes with people saying “have you lost a little bit of weight?” and me wanting to say “only if you count 30 lbs as LITTLE.”

Then things began to change.  As I continued to lose the last 20 lbs, people have really taken notice.  I get stopped in the hallway quite frequently.  Everyone wants to know my “secret” and it pleases me to tell them simply “diet and exercise” and then laugh and comment on how I wished there had been a magic pill involved.  Occasionally I get something more.  I’ve had a few people tell me how much I’ve motivated and inspired them to begin working out and losing weight… which is pretty cool really and makes me feel as though I’d better not fail anyone now!

And then there are the annoying ones.

not quite this obvious, but likely just as bad

These are the ones who like proclaiming about my weight loss.  They comment on what I’m eating, often asking me if I’m eating enough.  Some of them have taken to eating the same things as me for lunch.  “Oh, I’ve got my soup today as well!”  In fact, the moment I put anything near my lips, these people announce it to everyone in the room in some form or another.  “Oh wow, I’d have thought you’d given up snacks!”  “What’s in that you’re eating?  Is it low fat?  How do you make it?”  Or my personal favorite “You’re counting calories, right?  How many calories are in this?” and then they hold up some random food item.  What is this, a pop quiz?

Now, I’m always polite about it.  I chuckle when it’s meant to be funny, I tell them what’s in the things I make and I give them incredibly inaccurate calorie counts on purpose because I’m that sort of a subversive bitch… but I do it with a smile… so that still counts in the nice bit.  The thing is, sometimes it doesn’t feel as though THEY are being nice.  It feels as though they’re policing me; making sure I don’t screw up  my diet.  Obviously my weight loss has made some of them uncomfortable or feeling as though they need to compensate (this one goes out to you, crazy lady who mimics my lunches down to the type and brand of soup I eat).  I just don’t understand why my food choices need to be anyone’s business at work.  Why is it a subject of conversation at all?  No one else has their food questioned, pointed out, criticized.  Why is mine?  DON’T YOU PEOPLE REALIZE THAT AS A LONG TIME FATTIE ANYONE MENTIONING WHAT I EAT MAKES ME WANT TO CRAWL IN A HOLE?

Seriously.  I have to force myself not to run out of the teacher’s lounge leaving my half-heated soup in the microwave.  Or, when I have decided to go ahead and partake in the nearly daily treats (I do this maybe about once a week if there is something there which isn’t too over the top) in the teacher’s lounge and someone makes a big deal over me eating, I really just want to spit it all out into the garbage and never look that person in the eye again.  Can’t you freaking people just leave me alone?  How about you talk to me about your kids instead?  Your house?  Your dog?  Your cat?  Your sidewalk cracks?  Please!

Ok.. all better now.  🙂