What have I done three times this week which I was unable to do last week?

Mmmhmm you guessed it!  Work Out!

It feels incredible.  I can even feel a difference between this week and the previous week of “easing back into it.”  I most definitely still had the sinus infection last time.  Don’t worry though, I’m taking it fairly easy.  As of right now, I’m only doing the Curves workout.  Monday and Tuesday I did not use my Curves smart tag…. you know, in the spirit of easing into things.  I won’t lie, Monday struck me as a bit rough but Tuesday felt better.  Well, it felt great actually.  It felt so great I broke out the Curves smart tag tonight.

Wow.  I forgot how much that pumps up the intensity.

Wow did I get a great workout tonight.  I feel it too!  The endorphins are here (hi guys!  i missed you!), the legs are a bit wobbly, and I’ve got that blood coursing through the veins feel-good feeling.  Yeah, I love it.  Now I just need to get back into a routine, which is easier said than done.

So far this week I’ve worked out at night, after work.  Why?  I’m just so tired of doing so in the morning and then having to hurry to get ready, hurry to work, hurry with my morning prep at work.  I’m tired of hurrying (maybe that pseudo brush with death did a bit for me, or maybe my attempt at de-stressing my life is actually working).  How long can I keep this up before I have a day where I just want to come home and plop down on the couch?  I don’t know, but if you asked me right now, I’d say until summer… which is all I need.

I need to get back into the running but I’m kind of done with the treadmill for the time being.  I cannot make myself do another boring run where I stare at the wall and pretend to be really into my music (or is the run I’m supposed to be into?).  So, I will be running on days when it’s nice outside and not too windy.  No structure for the time being and I figure the structure will come when I’m ready (and seeing as they’re calling for snow tonight, I doubt I have to worry about this much in the very near future).

Oh, and the crazy idea?  You know how much I like seeing my name on the walls of Curves…. and now I”m out of the 1-99 work outs area…. and it’s much less crowded in the 100 work outs area than it was in the 1-99 area but… it’s still pretty crowded.  I’d like to be in the 200 work outs area ASAP….. which is the crazy bit.  I keep thinking… can I do that by the end of the summer?  I’m at 119 right now.  That is 81 work outs.  If I just count May, June, July, and August as having 4 weeks and if I go 5x per week, that’s 20x per month and a grand total of 80.  I can have the rest of April be the slush fund (you know, for those days I just don’t make it.)  So yeah, theoretically it’s possible, but it’s also a huge commitment and hey, life happens.

Oh what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.

That’s not crazy, right?