Wow.  What a week I’ve had.  I’m sorry to have left everyone hanging but I needed to get rid of the stress from the week and focus on getting healthy!  So here’s the deal:

I went on Tuesday to see my regular doctor.  First, he didn’t notice I’d lost 50 lbs.  Second, he took a look at the test results and said “Yeah, you’ll have to take those pills.”  When I asked how long he told me “forever.”  Talk about a tough moment.  When I asked him about exercise, his words were “Use common sense, obviously you won’t be able to go running as your heart rate won’t speed up and it’ll just really wipe you out.”

Oh.  Right.

So I started to cry.  I left crying.  I got home and took my second heart pill and went to bed, defeated.  I couldn’t even muster up the energy to walk to the end of the driveway and get the mail.  I couldn’t even begin to muster up the energy to do anything.  Did I mention those pills made me tired and sleepy?

On Wednesday I woke up with horrible side effects from the antibiotic I’d been on.  Literally horrible.  I’d been having severe stomach pain and gurgling and Wednesday added horrible other effects which left me unable to leave the bathroom to put it politely.  So, I had to call in sick to work.  I called the doctor and asked for a different antibiotic and picked up a probiotic while I got the prescription filled but this didn’t stop me from having to call in sick on Thursday for much the same reason.  Guess it takes a couple of days to get your system back online!

Sometime Wednesday I decided enough was enough.  It did not make sense to me that I’d drop 50 lbs, exercise more than ever before in my life, and then develop a heart condition.  I felt as though my family doctor had simply medicated me instead of figuring out my problem.  I’m not someone who enjoys taking medicine, I’d rather find the cause of the problem and figure out how to make it better.  And again, it just didn’t make sense to me that I’d have a heart problem.  I didn’t take my heart pill Wednesday night.  I have to admit, I got a bit scared as coming down off the medication wasn’t fun.  I felt feverish and my heart was racing, but I stuck it out and Thursday morning I woke up feeling fine.

When I went to the Chiropractor on Thursday I told her everything that had been happening to me and she suggested I see another doctor.  In fact, she knew a doctor at a clinic in the town I lived in and even called him to see if he could squeeze me in and to smooth the way for him to see me without having seen me before.  Awesome.  The appointment was set for 3.30 Friday.  WooHoo!

Thursday night, my therapist mentioned I might be having anxiety issues as 2010 hasn’t been kind to me and the Month of March was really unkind.  (It’s leaking into April as well for those who are interested.)  That’s when it started to make sense.  I’m just one of those people who don’t notice when I’m feeling stressed or anxious and it does tend to suddenly overwhelm me.

So Friday when I went to the doctor I laid it all out on the line and…he generally agreed with me.  No heart problem!  (I’d been off the pills for a couple days at that point and things were normal.)  I do, however, have anxiety issues and so I do have a pill I can take for that when I feel the need.

So wow.  What a week!

As of right now, I’m planning my reintroduction to exercise (yet again) and I can’t believe how very thankful I am.  WooHoo! Exercise!  Boo on the pity weight I gained last week.  (Oops!)