Yep, this was the view this morning at 7.30 am.  The sinus infection is back and I can’t say I’m surprised.  I mean, I knew about halfway through my prescription that the previous antibiotic wasn’t strong enough…. and sure enough… about 8 days after I finished the last one, it’s back with a vengeance.  My head HURTS this time.  Waking up every morning is just downright painful.  All day yesterday I felt as though I couldn’t breathe… very similar to the feeling I get after taking Imitrex for a migraine… that whole trying to breathe while underwater feeling.  This is in addition to my heart just beating in my chest to the point where I just knew my blood pressure had to be sky high… a fact the nurse confirmed this morning in the doctor’s office.  My usual blood pressure?  110/60  My blood pressure today?  110/80  Yeahhhh, no wonder it feels like my heart is just a hammering.  No doubt the upper number would have been higher had I done anything except wake up, get dressed, and go to the doctor, but I digress.

So when I woke up, I looked on the immediate care website and found you could do something called a zip pass.  Whee!  Make your appointment online and no waiting in the waiting room!  The last time I arrived at immediate care when they opened,  a line of people had formed and it took at least 45 minutes of waiting before I even saw the inside of an exam room so this is totally cool!  I made my appointment for 7.45 and went on my way.  Turns out, I didn’t need to.  My car had it’s choice of any spot in the parking lot.  As I pulled out (with a new prescription for stronger antibiotics) the second patient of the day drove in.  I guess no one is interested in getting the doctor visit out of the way first thing on a Saturday morning.

Needless to say, the workouts aren’t happening.  I managed to exercise 3 days this past week which isn’t so bad but it’s disheartening.  I just want to get back to my old routine.  I just want to get back to exercising and shed the final 15 lbs I’ve been wanting.  I know, I know, the diet has more to do with it than the exercise but if I’m not 100% on plan then everything seems to fall apart.  What do I usually do to comfort myself when sick?  Eat.  What do I do when I’m sick and can’t work out so I’m bored and not super busy all day long?  Eat.  So yeah, it’s a struggle when the exercise isn’t there.  Plus, I just FEEL better.

I tried another item out of my vegetarian cookbook (I ordered another, too).  This one called for a tomato or spinach wrap and unthinkingly I grabbed tomato basil, which made this an odd flavor combination as the green stuff spread on the wrap is actually avocado mixed with lime juice.  Yikes!  I didn’t realize the basil bit until I actually bit into the wrap.  I also should have taken a bit of time to shop the wraps.  This one here is 210 calories.  It’s not too much for me to actually eat, it just seems a bit heavy in the calories and knowing if it’s average or higher than some would be helpful.  Anyway, in addition to the wrap and avocado mashed with lime this dandy includes tomato, English cucumber, and shredded carrot.

How did it taste?

Well… tomato basil and lime juice just aren’t meant to be mixed, I don’t think.  I should have read the label more carefully.  Apart from that clash though, it was pretty good.  Will I have it again?  Yes.  I’m also thinking some turkey bacon and romaine lettuce would go well inside this thing also.

Ok… that’s my update.  Hope everyone out there is feeling better than I am!