Well by now those of you who read the comments will have noticed they’re on FIRE lately!  I attribute this to a couple of new commenters (hello!).  I’d like to personally welcome a friend from 3FC who has started her own blog called The Giggly Bits.  This woman is funny, insightful, practical and incredibly supportive.  I watched her lose her weight, work out with a vengeance (and an energy I wish I could capture) and now I’m watching as she becomes a personal trainer.  Seriously.  I find this absolutely amazing because she started out with very nearly the same stats as I did and it’s thrilling to me to think that someone just like me could go on to become a personal trainer.

Anyway, you can find her blog listed under my links and I highly recommend going over there and getting lost (as I did) perusing the photos, reading about all the diets she’s tried which didn’t work, reading about how she got fat, reading about… well, just everything.

I know she’ll inspire you as much as she has inspired me!