The running.

Sometimes I feel as though it’s all I write (whine) about.  I’m either thinking about how to improve my distance, thinking about how to improve my speed, complaining about my back, or celebrating small victories.  I swear some of you who read my blog regularly likely think “dear god, is she on about running again?” Yes… yes I am.

After last week’s debacle I held off running for the remainder of the week.  It does me no good to run if I cannot breathe while doing so.  To quote the following Ok Go video (it’s just for fun but hilarious if you catch everything) “lack of breathing causes death.”

Anyhoo, today’s run went much better than last week’s.  I managed to run much farther and while I’m sure I’m still utterly slow, I did manage to pass someone who was walking!  (Don’t laugh, this wouldn’t have been the case last year.)  I can’t wait until my stamina improves and I can run for longer periods of time… it seems like a great time to kill some time and still get outdoors and see what’s going on.

I had my first doctor’s visit today since the beginning of my weight loss journey.  I admit to being excited.  I mean, I really wanted someone to fall over…. which didn’t happen but I was also scared no one would say anything.  Luckily, the nurse said “wow, looks like you’ve done a good job losing weight”  which gave me a nice warm glow.  And then, when the doctor came in he said “so I hear you’re skinny.”

Good feelings.

Today is a great day.