I remember going to The Golden Corral in the before days.  Those were the days when the luxury of all that food would make me feel like a kid in a candy shop.  I would never have stopped at the salad bar and likely would have spent most of my time romancing fried chicken and steak before heading over to the dessert area and doing the equivalent of buying property amongst the desserts.

Going there now is a different story entirely.  You know the first thing I notice? I notice 90% of the people there are overweight and of those maybe 60% are what doctors would define as morbidly obese.  After settling down and giving thanks I’m no longer in the morbidly obese category I head to the salad bar.

Wait.  What was that?

Yep, the salad bar where I fix myself a nice Cesar salad because I can plainly see the pre-made one has enough dressing on it to add 5 lbs to my ass.  When the salad had cleared I wandered over to the rest of the buffet.  I steer clear of the fried fish, shrimp, and chicken and wonder why it is they don’t fry up some steak as well before I see…. country fried steak.  Figures.  I squeal with delight when I find some rotisserie chicken which turned out to be very nice and I squealed even louder with delight when I found whole asparagus spears.  I mean seriously, I love asparagus.  And yes, I indulged in dessert.  It would seem that is still a weak spot with me.  I wouldn’t say I went hog wild, but I didn’t keep it as small as I’d planned.

The verdict?  I’m sort of shocked at my food choices as compared to the last time I was there.  Who would have thought my choices when given options would be the healthier ones?  It’s encouraging, definitely…so long as we don’t start the discussion of whether or not I should have been in an all you can eat restaurant in the first place. (NO.)  Or, did I eat more than I should have. (YES.)  However, in the battle of the bulge, I’m willing to take small victories.  I’ve spent a lifetime living one way.  If I don’t ease into this new one, I’ll reject it and I know it.

Aside from the buffet… Yesterday marked my second official push ups challenge work out.  My arms were sore and honestly I’m not sure how much of it is the push up work out alone.  I mean, this is my first real week back to exercising and whatnot.  The push ups were a bit more difficult last night and I can see the true challenge is going to be holding myself to good form.  It’s also a bit frustrating to wait a full 60 seconds between sets.  Right now, when I’m only doing 2 or 3 reps, it seems silly.  But again, I’m holding myself to the program.

My Curves workout yesterday was quite nice.  My heart rate was still higher than normal but again, I’m pretty sure that’s to be expected.  I’m sure I’ll be more than ready to use my smart tag next week!