she's buff, she's cool...she's doing how many push ups?????

Well, maybe it’s not a challenge.

Thanks to a thread at 3FC, I became aware (I was going to say found but I didn’t find it.) of the 100 push ups program.  You can find the site here.

Strength has never been one of my finer points.  I remember push ups from high school gym class and the overall feeling I have for them is utter hate based solely upon the humiliation of having to suffer through various push up tests where everyone watches people fail miserably.  You know something?  It’s pretty much the same reason I hated running.

Nemesis?  Hello, my name is Shrinking Girl.  I would like to annihilate you now.  Thanks.

The program seems doable enough.  I mean, I haven’t looked past the first couple of weeks but really, it seems very doable.  Well, it seemed doable until I attempted my first true-form push up.  I watched the video on that site and I definitely couldn’t go down as far as the person in the video did.  When I tried, I essentially collapsed in a heap on the floor.  Oops!  I suppose I could fake it through and just do poor push ups but, what would be the point in that?  So I decided to complete the program doing a modified version of the push up.  My knees are on the floor but trust me, it isn’t all that much easier for me.  I mean, sure I can complete like 4 at a time now but man is it still tough.

I did my initial test on Sunday and I hate to say it but I found myself in the first category anyway.  You know, the one for wimps and losers whose arms shimmy and shake at the mere mention of physical labor?  Yeah, that category.

I completed the first day of Week 1 yesterday.  I have to say it didn’t kill me.  It felt a bit like the C25K did when I started.  I knew I could suffer through and so I did.  And seriously, if you look at the program, it’s not as if I suffered for very long.  The first column of Week 1 is ridiculously low-repetition.

What really worries me is I have absolutely no one doing this challenge/program with me.  I tried to enlist a few people but you’d be amazed at how few people are interested in improving their ability to perform push ups.  While I normally don’t have anyone doing anything with me and it doesn’t affect my progress all too often, I am worried about this program because I am suffering form a bit of indifference in general.  I mean, I don’t like push ups.  I don’t enjoy them at all and so I’m just awfully worried I’ll have an off day and say to myself “meh, I hate those things anyway.”


Ill let you know how it goes.