I have the day off due to jury duty and then being told not to actually report.  It’s a nice little free day, really.  By the time I found out I didn’t have to report, the sub had already been called and school had already begun.  Nothing to do but enjoy a 3 day weekend, yes?  Yes.

With the nice weather lately, I’ve been feeling the desire to have a run/jog outside.  I couldn’t though due to being ill and my back being on the mend.  So this morning when I found myself suddenly free for the day on – behold! – the week I’m returning to exercise I began to toy with the idea of having my run outside.  A few issues with this: One, I planned to start the C25K program again today with the goals of easing myself back into running and ensuring I ran at 6mph.  Two, I’ve been sick, am still sick and it’s really only 41 degrees outside.  This is not “warm” to most sane people but it’s warm to most of us here in northern Illinois for the moment.  I went back and forth a bunch.  I mean, I really want to improve my running speed and after a month off running, I’m certain I’m going to need to be eased back in.  But on the other hand, why am I running if I don’t let myself enjoy it?  Isn’t that missing the point a bit?

In the end, I gathered up my Zune (after I spent an additional half hour configuring a playlist) and drove to the park.  (Yes, I drove to go running.  It’s cold out, see?)  It started out well enough.  I did my five minute walk as a warm up and found myself genuinely glad to begin the run so I’d warm up a bit more.  I even managed to feel a bit delighted at how much better my form has gotten since the last time I ran at the park.  It’s been forever, you know.  I stopped running there even before I finished the C25K the first time.  The park is too dark in the morning when I used to run and so I’d abandoned it in favor of my neighborhood streets.

Things went downhill rather quickly.  First, not running for a month does indeed take its toll on endurance.  (Shocking, no?)  Second, I have been ill.  I am still sort of ill.  Sinus infections take their toll on me and while this one hasn’t been nearly as unendurable as others, I attribute it to me getting antibiotics sooner rather than later for once.  I felt how weak my body is currently.  My legs got wobbly.  My breathing became labored and then…. well… I learned something I already knew but had forgotten.

Sinus Infection + Exercise + Cold and Wind = GooberFest 2010

Seriously.  It became distressingly difficult to breathe without inhaling some sort of phlegm.  It had become distressingly difficult to breathe anyway given my current state of out of shape but to have to dodge phlegm on top of it was a bit much.  I took a walking break and tried to clear out but seriously, I must have the largest sinuses on the planet.  I mean, I know how large they are.  I just think mine must be larger because they are able to contain an enormous amount of snot.  Seriously.  I did run for another stint but I am pretty sure I shouldn’t have.  At the end of the second leg of running my sinuses HURT.  Yes I realize I have an infection but my sinuses didn’t FEEL inflamed (ie hurt) all day yesterday.  When I stopped running the second time HOLY COW were they painful.  They’ve only now begun to subside.

All in all, I’m sure the increased circulation to the sinuses is a good thing.  It’s so just darned painful.  The run wasn’t so terrible as to make me dread my next run, but it has solidified in my mind the need for me to do the C25K again.  After today I’m nervous about the 6 mph bit, but I always felt nervous about that anyway.  So yeah, this week should be interesting as I try to ease back into my 6 days a week routine.  I’m excited to be back on the exercise wagon but dreading the awful workouts which are going to kick my ass.

Here’s to a week of misery?