The last half of February and the first half of March are a wash for me.

I haven’t exercised all week and I don’t plan on starting until Monday as I’m still sick.  A sinus infection makes for a painful head and I cannot think of anything I’d rather do less than start jumping around and making my heart beat faster and/or harder.  Yeowch.  With the antibiotics, however, I feel like I’ll be back to nearly good by Monday.  Good enough to stop being a lazy butt anyway.

I have to admit, I’m more than a bit frightened.  I’m sure my Curves workout will feel that much more difficult.  I’m sure I’ll want to slack off a bit…and I even might… you know, with the mentality of easing into it.  The running is my big fear though.  I haven’t run in a month and I’m so afraid it’s going to kick my behind and in fact, I know it’s going to kick my behind.  I’m suddenly glad I’ll be going back to the C25K and also frightened at the same time as I plan on setting that treadmill at 6.0 mph.  When I stopped running due to my back problems, that seemed doable and I guess I should just stop worrying because I won’t know if it’s doable now until I actually try.

Even with the half-workouts and the non-workouts, the eating poorly and the over-eating… I’ve miraculously managed to maintain my weight of 174.  Granted I haven ‘t lost any weight in about two months, but seeing as 175 was my original goal… I think I’m happy to sit here for a while.  Do I plan on losing more?  HECK YEAH!  But for now I’m happy to stay where I am.  I have definite fitness goals I want to hash out and I’m fairly certain those goals will lead me to losing weight.  I’m also fairly certain my long-term eating goals will also lead me to lose weight.  At any rate, I’m in no big hurry.  I’m more concerned with keeping myself on track to not gain weight… and it looks as though I’m going to be ok for now.

So, on Monday I’ll start over.  I’ll be out of shape compared to how I used to be, I’ll be huffing and puffing and likely miserable the entire time, but I will persevere.  I will do this.  I will get back into it… if for nothing else than the nice weather is giving me an itch to run outside and that is an itch I intend to keep as well as scratch.

Here’s hoping everyone out there is doing well and feeling fine!