It’s the first time I’ve been ill in ages and I hate to admit it…. but I’m just as big of a baby about being sick as I ever am.

So… I haven’t been working out.  It’s hard to muster up the desire to go exercise when you wake up feeling like death.  Seriously, I have to convince myself to get out of bed and into the shower and then once there I convince myself I might as well go to work.  (Yes, seriously.)  In fact, if I weren’t a teacher and if I hadn’t lost some days last week due to a funeral, I’d call in sick today.  It hurts just to be standing up and it’s a lab day which means I’ll be without a chance to even think straight let alone take a moment to be sick.  This is one of those times when I wish I were the public’s image of a teacher:  sitting at my desk, reading out of the teacher’s manual (which apparently has everything we could ever need in it – seriously, have you people ever seen those things?), boring the kids to death and just assigning lots of random, dull work.  I could handle that today.

Anyway, my eating is crap and my attitude is too.  There has been no Ben & Jerry’s so I guess that’s a plus.

Sleep is the new exercise.

Bed is the new gym.

I’m going to be sooooo out of shape by the time I start exercising again.  Will someone please tell me it’ll be easier to get back into shape this time?  Even if it’s a lie.  I need some encouragement.