I stepped on the scale for the first time in days, today.  I expected a gain.  I’ve been out of control lately, perhaps even gluttonous.   Ok… definitely gluttonous.  I’ve been succumbing to the greatest of evils lately… Ben & Jerry’s.

an old friend of mine

Those of you who know me fairly well will also know my main weakness is ice cream.  I happen to L-O-V-E ice cream.  I mean, what’s not to love?  Creamy goodness, sugar, coldness and if you’re me… candy bits too.  And if you like stuff in your ice cream, nothing satisfies more than Ben & Jerry’s.  Seriously.  I used to buy a pint a week for myself but I stopped this practice long ago in an effort to curb my ice cream habit.  As of June, I’ve been buying either the small drumsticks or the Skinny Cow ice cream cones to curb my craving whilst curbing the Dairy Queen Blizzards to having one about once a month.  (Oh, and back when I was good, I’d even account for those calories and eat one in place of lunch and part of dinner!  Those were the days, eh?)

I won’t say what exactly has started this trend in ice cream gluttony but I will say I need to slowly bring it to an end.  Obviously I’m doing enough with the calories elsewhere that it hasn’t really affected me but… obviously I could be eating much healthier things with my calories.

this one rocks my world, seriously

So yeah, I’m in a love affair with Ben & Jerry and I guess that puts me in the middle of a love triangle and with all love triangles… something’s gotta give.  If I’m serious about changing my ways… it’s got to be the end of both Ben and Jerry or else they’ll end up with a negative impact on my weight… and as much as I love the new flavor Mission to Marzipan, I love my new weight even more.

Ok… that being said.  Have you TRIED Mission to Marzipan?  For anyone who likes almond flavoring.. you have to try this.  It’s like a ride on the cosmic almond comet which will send your taste buds soaring into absolute bliss.

That being said, the strawberry cheesecake is also quite nice, what with the graham cracker crust swirl and all.

I’ll just stop there.  My mouth is watering.