Soooo, yesterday ended up being all about the powdered peanut butter.  I’ve got new-toy syndrome.. you know where you get a new toy and you can’t stop playing with it?  Last night I made peanut sauce to go on some noodles (I’ve talked about this recipe before).  I totally couldn’t tell a difference between the last time I made the recipe (using normal peanut butter) and this time (using the powdered).  This is phenomenal.  As near as I can figure, I shaved about 100 calories from each serving… without sacrificing anything!

Nothing much else to report.  My weight is holding steady right now which is nice as I’m not running per my chiropractor’s instructions and I am actually feeling improvement in my back.  I’m thinking I might actually be in top form by March!  I haven’t yet decided what I’ll do to ease back into running but I am definitely considering the C25K program again, only making sure I’m running at 6mph.  My slow pace has been a bit of a sticking point with me and, since I’m wanting to ease my back back into things I figure starting the program over might be the way to go.

We’ll see, I’ll likely change my mind a dozen times between now and then!