tah dah!

Soooo, yesterday when I got home from work the powdered peanut butter I ordered had arrived.  It took quite a bit of willpower for me not to open it right then and there and give it a go, but I managed.

So this morning it is time for peanut butter and banana on toast, you know, my usual weekend breakfast.  Upon opening the bag I took a bit out with my fingers and tasted.  Surprisingly enough it tastes nearly exactly like peanuts…. very dry peanuts.  I sort of recognize right away that I’m going to be wanting to add some splenda to my mix.  I’m used to commercially prepared peanut butter and this isn’t going to come anywhere near close to that without some sugar.

Sooo I started mixing.  The directions state 2Tbsp of mix with 2 tsp of water or until desired consistency.  Don’t try for “real” peanut butter consistency as there will be no such thing without the fat.  I managed to come up with a reasonable consistency fairly easily though, the mix blended well with the water and there wasn’t any tedious bits where I was trying to remove lumps.


I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical.  The consistency wasn’t the best and it tasted like a really healthy version of peanut butter (well duh, right?) but I wasn’t sure how satisfying it would actually be on my toast.  The result with toast and banana though wasn’t bad at all.  It wasn’t the SAME, obviously and will take a bit of getting used to, but the over all flavor was quite good.  Also, due to the banana, the consistency difference wasn’t incredibly noticeable.

I will say that it kind of takes all the fun out of peanut butter on toast.  I’m not sure if I’ll continue to use it for this purpose.  However… there are so many things I use peanut butter in these days and I’m certain it will work just fine in those!  My peanut sauce likely just got more peanut-ier and healthier!  I’ve been dying to have peanut butter and banana green smoothies and now I can!  For these uses and for other cooking uses, I’m sure this stuff will be the bomb.  As an ice cream topping, I’m sure this will also hit the spot, especially if you warm it up.  Yum!  However, if you’re looking for that satisfying peanut butter texture/taste on toast… you might be disappointed.

I will certainly keep you updated when I try this stuff out in different areas.  I think it’s got a lot of potential!