Yesterday one of my friends did something amazing.  We were sitting on the bus (school bus as we’re coaches for the Academic Bowl team – hello nerd herd!) and she said “Oh!  I have a surprise for you!”  After a few seconds of digging through her bag she pulled out a photo and I gasped.  It was a picture she’d taken just last school year.  I could even remember the instance.  What I hadn’t remembered is how I looked.

In a word…. I looked puffy.


It’s a picture of a picture so the quality is quite poor but I think you can get enough of an idea here.  I looked horrible.  I even remember thinking at the time what a nice picture of me it was.

My friend said when she saw it, she gasped.  For those who see me on a day to day basis (like myself), it’s hard to really notice the difference.  This picture is currently priceless.  I can’t get over the changes in my face alone… or how my arms in this photo seem to be floating on something with the way they’re sort of fanned out from my body… I keep wondering if my arms are simply resting on the arm rests of the chair or if there is so much fat there that they’re being lifted from my body.  Who knows?

this is like my favorite photo of all time

Now I’m posting a current photo which you’ve seen before just to show the contrast.  I originally tried to show a photo of me holding the old photo in front of me but that’s just impossible with my phone so you’ll have to look at this photo again…which by now everyone must know is my favorite photo of me in the entire world.  I should probably stop using it for everything but I likely won’t.

So yeah, I love the difference in these photos.  I keep looking at it and it’s certainly motivating… and since we all love motivation (and pictures… admit it) I thought I’d share.