So this morning at Curves Ms. Size Zero was there (and I say this in the nicest way possible and only because I’ve given her this nickname for so long now) and so I mentioned I’d lost 32.5 inches and could she please move my foot from the one foot lost spot on the wall to the 2 feet lost spot on the wall?  She’s pretty thrilled with my progress and mentioned I should give her some before photos so she can submit my story to Diane magazine (which Curves puts out).  Talk about feeling good, you know?  While I doubt I”ll get selected, it’s nice that someone feels I’ve done well enough to be submitted for such a thing.  It’s nice seeing my name in the 2 feet lost spot on the wall, it really feels like an accomplishment.  I worked so hard to get to the 2 foot mark because I felt for sure it would be difficult for me to lose more than that… and here I am only 3.5 inches away from 3 feet.  I can totally do that!

the photos never do anything justice

Aaaand, the other reason I feel so fantastic today is…. I bought some new work out pants last night (it becomes a problem when one spends most of one’s time running holding up one’s pants).  When I tried them on this morning I was super thrilled and how nicely they showed off my bum.  Yeah, I know… vanity is pretty unattractive… but you don’t understand, I’ve never had an attractive bum… I remember being in high school and reading some article about “do you have a saggy butt?” and it had some test you could do with a pencil.  I didn’t even bother to take THAT test because I already knew the results… especially when my first reaction was “waiiiit, there are butts that do that??”

So, I’ve been getting compliments on my bum lately and it’s made me feel really good.  The picture just doesn’t do it any justice but it’s also a nice photo because, well, I look pretty skinny in it!  So I guess you can call this a progress pic, try to stare at my bum (perv) and then end up shrugging your shoulders and saying “oh hey, nice phone!”

I really needed the pick me up’s this morning as last night I spent an hour at the chiropractor trying to get my back straightened out.  I’ve had this bad spot in the middle of it for 2 weeks now and it’s really messing with my running performance.   They sent me home with this thingy (very scientific term) that zaps my back with little electric impulses which has actually already made a decent improvement.  (Also, you can see the case of said thingy sitting on my bathroom counter in the photo… thrilling, I know.)  I’m hoping I can get straightened out because I”m really beginning to worry about my running.  I so want to be able to complete that half marathon in May, but I’m not wanting to push my body too hard as I have so many issues.  I guess we shall see and if I don’t make it this year… there is always next year.