I’ve totally been slacking off lately.  I know this and it’s bugging me but it’s also really hard to get back on track when I feel like I do.  The two main things suffering from my current state are: running and eating.  The running is killing me, I don’t have the drive right now to really push myself and even though I’ve increased my speed, my runs aren’t nearly as great as they should be.  I should be rocking them.  I should be pushing myself beyond belief and feeling fantastic when I find out I CAN.  It’s the finding out I can which has made the running addictive and great for me.  The past two weeks have really hit me hard in this department.  And then there’s the food…. I’m eating too much.  I’m not counting my calories carefully.  I’m not gaining weight but I’m sure not losing it either.  I need to get my head out of my ass and straighten up or I’m going to lapse into my old bad habits.

Maybe I’ll kick myself in the ass this week and perform like a rock star.  I sure hope so.

Of the few perks to my current separation from my husband (yeah.. that’s the icky stuff going on) one of them is my ability to eat vegetarian.  I’m totally loving every second of it.  I’ve become less and less thrilled with meat over the years and even more so over the past 7 months.  My grocery bill is sooo much cheaper right now.


Sooo, this is my second recipe out of my new cook book.  Noodles, carrot and snow peas with peanut sauce.  The peanut sauce was made much differently from what I usually make and it came out pretty good… not sure which one I like better as it’s hard to compare.  This dish was meant to be eaten cold but I decided to heat up the leftovers when I ate them and it was good either way.  I think I prefer it warm, really.

This week I’m trying a rice dish and we’ll see how that goes.

I’m about to run out of time here so I’m going to post this.  Wish me luck in getting back on track with the running and eating… I’m going to need it.